Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Lush Velvet Nights by Tina Donahue

When wanton desires and love demand all…

During the day, Adriana’s a lonely corporate heiress, helming a supermarket empire. At night, she hires escorts, scripting provocative fantasies of kidnapping, lust, submission and endless longing. It’s all she has to excite her until she meets Nathan Wynn.

Tall, blond and muscular—like a modern-day Viking—Nathan is a labor relations attorney representing Adriana’s union employees. His imposing presence intensifies her basest desires. When he protects her from an escort he believes is an attacker, she knows he’s wonderfully dominant and unrestrained.

Fascinated by Adriana’s underlying sensuality, Nathan brings her to his secluded mountain estate, determined she submit fully to his hunger. At a gentleman’s club, he makes certain she denies him nothing. Engaging in a seductive sexual journey, Nathan’s caught off-guard by his stunning need for Adriana—and a growing emotional connection she will not let him deny.

Um, wow. I’ve literally just finished this book and sit here speechless. There are so many things I could say that I don’t know where to start. Do I give an overview of the plot, or should I write down my feelings instead?

Every so often, an author comes along that knocks my socks off. I know this phrase is used often, but I honestly mean it when I say Ms. Donahue’s prose wowed me and left my feet bare. What a beautiful turn of phrase she has, an exquisite voice that drew me in so I devoured every word. I didn’t leave my seat for one second. Not for a visit to the bathroom, for food, to answer the door. As far as I was concerned, the world could go to hell for the time it took me to read this book. I vaguely recall lifting my arm and waving my hand in a “Someone get me a drink!” manner, and the drinks arrived by magic, but if they hadn’t, I would have gone thirsty rather than stop reading.

Adriana’s life mirrored one of my friend’s. Outwardly, she appears to have everything. She’s happy, she’s beautiful, she’s successful. But on the inside, behind closed doors, she’s lacking the one thing she craves the most—love. Her parents are and always seem to have been too busy to pay her much attention, so to fill the void where love should be, she hires escorts to fulfill her fantasies.

Nathan is reticent to have a steady relationship due to one in the past going terribly wrong. I won’t give any spoilers here, but believe me, he’s a lovely man, too afraid to commit in case he gets hurt again.

These two people tugged at my heartstrings. Yes, they get together, and yes they fall in love, but there’s an element of will they/won’t they make a go of it when their weekend of getting to know one another ends. Of course, with all good romance books, I rooted for the HEA. Rooted for Nathan to accept how he felt for Adriana and take a leap of faith. Rooted for Adriana, that she would get what she craved so badly.

The fact that writing is labor of love for Ms. Donahue screams from every page. Her words are carefully crafted, of that there is no doubt, and I’d bet my last penny she writes with the mindset that every sentence must count, must belong, as well as sing.

I loved this book. Loved the voice. Loved the style. After reading, I passed my sentiments to Miz Love and posed the questions: What if a book deserves higher than a Top Pick? What if Top Pick just isn’t enough? What if I’m so floored that I need to give an author that much extra recognition? And so the new review award was born. The Golden Nib. Given to books that knock our socks off.

There are too many to mention. Besides, I’d love for you to go and buy this book to read them for yourself. If I showed them in their singular sentences, it wouldn’t do them any justice.

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Thanks for the awesome review, Miz Love!! :)