Monday, 10 January 2011

Dancer's Delight by Anny Cook

Blush:  This is a sensual romance (may have explicit love scenes, but not erotic level)
 MysticValley, Book One
Fed up and heartsick, Dancer, virtuoso violinist and assassin, decided to retire despite the angry objections of his boss. On the run for his life, he headed for a hideaway in the mountains. Safe in the warm shelter of his cave, Dancer awoke to the strong perfume of flowers. His investigations revealed a tunnel leading to another cave and a beautiful valley. After a quick survey of his new surroundings he was shocked to find that the tunnel had disappeared, trapping him in Mystic Valley.
A gardener and amateur botanist, Eppie spent her lonely days searching out new plants for the inhabitants of Mystic Valley while she waited for her destined bond-mate to find his way to the valley. Now time is running short. From the instant they forged a mind bond, her body began schalzina, the biological preparation for physical bonding in valley women. Each new occurrence of schalzina is stronger and nudges Eppie another step closer to the final consequence—death—unless Dancer reaches the valley in time for their oath-binding and physical bonding.
Will he agree to an immediate joining with this beautiful stranger?
Contains explicit sex scenes.

Dancer is one male character I loved to love. He’s a famous violinist, who gives his last concert knowing he’s retiring—but not just from being a violinist. In secret, Dancer is an assassin, sent out on hideous jobs by a creep of a man that Dancer just can’t get away from. But he’s determined to do just that, and he packs up, leaving instructions as to his whereabouts for his brother, Trav, to find. Dancer sets off, heading for the mountains, and sets up in a cave. He smells floral scents, which is odd considering the season, and when he investigates, he finds himself in Mystic Valley. He’s been having mind conversations with a woman named Eppie, who lives in the valley and tells him all about their bonding and what it entails. Lots of sex, bonding for life, and basically being married? Hell no, Dancer doesn’t want that, has never wanted to be tied down. But when she comes to greet him…LOL! He can’t resist her.
I love the way where, once in Mystic Valley, out-valley people—that’s us, folks!—have their perspective changed. It’s like the valley makes new arrivals into who they should really be, perhaps who they want to be deep down. Opinions change, and the out-valley people begin to settle into their new lives as though they’d always lived this way.
Dancer has long hair, something considered very good in the valley. It speaks of virility and a man who can be trusted to bond with a valley woman and care for her and any children they may have. Eppie already knows, because of their mind-bond, that Dancer is the man for her, but with that long hair too…BONUS!
Something special occurs when Eppie and Dancer bond—the valley reacts in a way it hasn’t in a long time—and all the women enter the sexual state that is needed in order to become pregnant. I loved this aspect too, and Dancer and Eppie’s togetherness, where they bond and get to know one another, really is lovely.

“I would have no way of knowing about the full balls…” (LOL)
She shot him a glance to check on his reaction to that bit of information and caught a most peculiar expression crossing his face—an odd mixture of fascination and horror. (HAHAHAHAAAAA! You’ll have to read it to see why it’s so funny, but this was one of the best images in the book for me.)
The description of the domed homes. Loved it.
“What does your population problems have to do with the skirts and hairdo?” (The confusion out-valley people get when first entering Mystic Valley is hilarious, and this line was no exception.)
“The hair I need to remove is on my face.” (LMAO)

Once again, a great book from Ms. Cook, who took me to the valley where I want to live, with all the blue, pointy-eared people I have come to love and recognise as the series progresses. A serious fan of Mystic Valley here!

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