Tuesday, 5 April 2011

She Rides by Elle Laudan

Missy heads out on her vintage motorcycle for what proves to be a ride of a lifetime. Every new road brings with it new friends, new experiences and even a sexy romp with a tattoo artist.

It's summers' end when Missy rides into the small town of Waverly for Bike Week, and sets sight on the most beautiful man she's ever seen on two wheels. Tommy marks the beginning of many hot, steamy nights. Is he Missy's 'happy ever after', or is there a twist around the next bend in the road, nobody saw coming?
Feeling stifled by the only life she's ever known, Missy decides it's time to spread her wings and leave the comfort of her unorthodox, overprotective but loving extended family. She leaves behind a man she knows loves her and hits the road on her bike to find herself. I can say much about the story without giving away some crucial plot lines, but Missy’s journey leads her to self-exploration, a multitude of lifelong friends, heartbreak, love, a family of her own, revenge and healing.

The reader is given a glimpse of the biker world and the bond they all share. Missy's tale will have you laughing, crying, outraged and sighing. I didn't see the end coming. There were twists and turns that had me surprised all throughout her journey, but it was the last few paragraphs that had me in tears. Happy tears. This was one emotional ride, and a great one it was.

When Jag reveals a newly finished Lady to Missy.

Nadia's tattoo and the aftermath...whew!

Ben's strength.

“How shall we celebrate?”

Missy looked up at him, her eyes danced with love and happiness. A slow smile came to her lips. “Let’s ride.”  *SIGH*

If you'd like a glimpse inside the multi-dimensional biker world that is full of family strength and support, ups and downs, love and war, don't pass up this book. Missy loves to "be in the wind" and Elle Laudan took my breath away!


Jennifer Leeland said...

Great review! Love the way it's broken down. I love this author's stories about bikers.

Joanne said...

Great review - looking forward to reading this one!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it makes me want to read all the love and gush and SEX I know it will contain. Keep on Keeping on, love Waz