Friday, 20 May 2011

Araton's Destiny by Serena Yates

What if you're a guardian angel and fail to do your job?

Araton has been a guardian angel for less than a century when a moment of distraction causes his human charge to be hit by a car. He expects to be punished - and is surprised to find out there is room for leniency - and even a new job. Will he be any better at being a Christmas angel?

Jake is a former pro-football player whose knee injury has prevented him from fulfilling a lifelong dream. He turns his attention to extreme sports instead. When he falls into an ice cave during a solitary trip just before Christmas he believes it is the end of the road for him. Nothing short of a miracle will save him...

**possible plot spoilers**

When Araton fails to keep his charge safe and his charge winds up in a wheelchair, he’s devastated. It had only taken that one moment of inattentiveness to change the man’s life forever. Summoned by The Powers That Be, Araton must face his fate—or must he? His friend, there for moral support, appeals against the decision to banish Araton into the void, and a new phase of Araton’s existence begins.

He must ensure his new charge understands and believes in the spirit of Christmas. However, that’s a tough job because Jake has had his life ruined and no longer believes in anything much. Once a pro footballer, he’s denied his dream of playing because of an injury. No team will touch him now, and with a great void in his life—and I loved the parallel there, with him and Araton both facing voids—he wonders what the hell to do next.

Once healed, Jake throws himself into other things, one of them being a hike over glaciers. He falls into a chasm and, as he looks around he knows there is no chance he will make it out alive. Until something brushes his face—or someone… That someone is Araton, who performs a miracle and flies them out of there and into a cabin. There, they spend time getting to know one another, and Araton reveals what he is. But things have changed for the angel—he has decisions to make, big ones that could change everything.

I loved seeing how Jake’s despondency changed into wonder the more he spent time with Araton. I loved the new things Araton discovered—the simple taste of stew, something we take for granted, for instance. I tasted it right along with him, and it actually made me stop and think—next time I eat something, I’m going to savour it as though it was my first time. I suspect it will taste altogether different when I do.

Together, Jake and Araton make a wonderful pair, and I was happy that the correct decisions were made.

Shit, could he not do anything right?

Which part of no way out was so difficult to understand? (LOL)

With any luck, this assignment would last several years.

Hot food on lips apparently wasn’t a good thing. (LOL)

Jake could spend years looking at him.

Araton’s Destiny is a great read that held my attention and went along at a pace just right for my tastes. I thoroughly enjoyed it and started book 2 as soon as I finished 1. Here’s hoping the series only continues to grow, because those celestial beings have got me interested to find out more!

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