Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hardest by Jamieson Wolf

Years ago, Owen and Daniel parted. Best friends for years, they each gave into their attraction one summer to find love, only to lose it when the summer ended. Yearning to fill the void he feels in himself, Owen has tried anonymous sex, quick flings and dating to get his mind off his first love. But all to no avail.

Even all these years later, even after all the hurt, Owen still carries a torch for Daniel. The only problem is, Owen can't find him. So when Daniel tracks Owen down and finds him in a bathhouse, everything Owen thought he knew is about to change forever.

Owen has been in love with Daniel for years, has carried the memory of him around all this time, and has tried to find him without success. He visits Glory, a club where he can have sex with whoever he chooses, and while engaging in intercourse the pain goes away—he can pretend it’s Daniel’s hands on his body. But when it’s over, the ache crashes back, and he realises Daniel is the only man for him. A recently failed relationship proves that too—he’s never been able to get Daniel out of his mind or stop wishing he could see him again.

The following line expresses this perfectly: “Owen wondered if he would run into Daniel on the street, if he would get a phone call one quiet evening and hear Daniel’s voice on the other end of the phone.” Haven’t we all thought this at one time or another, or something similar?

Owen visits Glory but has no intention of having sex. He orders champagne to celebrate the memories, and a man arrives with a bottle and two glasses. My breath caught along with Owen’s when he realised it was Daniel standing there. Owen’s ache had got inside me, and it went away with the appearance of Daniel. As a line in the book says,”I guess wishes do sometimes come true.”

A lovely short story that perfectly expresses the loneliness and grief that comes with missing someone, and then the whoosh of happiness upon seeing them again, being with them again in the way you’ve always imagined.

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