Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Jockey Box by Liz Crowe

Successful business owner, Erin Brady is holding her own and then some in the male-dominated beer brewing industry. But her twenty-year marriage is crumbling as a result. She makes a last ditch attempt over one summer weekend to reconcile with her husband, only to finally accept the truth: It was over. When duty calls in the form of a last minute beer festival she must attend, Erin recognizes the futility of her efforts and leaves, knowing when she returns, her husband will be gone for good.

Vulnerable and emotionally raw, she arrives at the event with more issues than she can handle and finds herself distracted by the hot young brewer she wants to hire. Dedicated and loyal to her business, she tries to ignore the inevitable, but Jeff’s many skills serve as a balm to Erin’s battered psyche, as he helps with the beer booth and somehow works his way into her fantasies.

Struggling with the hurt and anger directed at her husband, Erin mans a stall at a beer festival, putting on a smiley, brave face despite the hurt she feels inside. Her husband blamed her for the fact their marriage had broken down—she worked too hard—and in my opinion, that was just an excuse. She’d worked to build a life for them, and he hadn’t been prepared to wait to reap the rewards. A jerk, plain and simple.

So, when a younger man helps her out, although she’s battling with feelings of guilt and everything else that roams through the mind when going through a break up, she can acknowledge that she has a strong attraction to the guy. Maybe this was the best thing that could have happened? Meeting someone also interested in the beer trade, who understands how much work has to go into the business, was just what she needed.

LOL this.

Jesus, cougar much, Erin?

…it was “her fault” he was fucking around. (Why do some men insist on saying this? Jerks.)

I enjoyed seeing Erin find some happiness; after all, she deserved it. I was glad she managed to find the strength to put the past behind her and start again. More so because I suspected her husband would be royally pissed off that she’d found a new man—and a younger one at that. He deserves all the anguish it may cause. So there.

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Liz said...

LOVIES!! Thanks for this Miz Love! stay tuned sista girl. Erin's Story has Only Just Begun! I will gladly share a hot excerpt from The Tap Room (Erin's Story) the Choose your Romance Interactive novella coming out in September...YOU Can choose Erin's fate (and she has some AMAZING options for certain! one of them being a return of a regretful husband...)