Thursday, 26 May 2011

Retrieving Love by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Book 1 in the Urban Seduction series.

Amber Sinclair’s life is perfectly average until she crashes headlong—literally—into Zerachiel Garrett. He is hands-down the sexiest man she has ever met. What begins as a sexually charged first encounter soon explodes into far more than she could have imagined.

Zerachiel is a on a mission to Retrieve the ancient cuff Amber is delivering. It was supposed to be a simple task, but nothing ever is, and he certainly wasn’t counting on the electric lust that sizzles between them. Discovering he isn’t the only one after the cuff, Ze kidnaps Amber and they have to work together not only to stay alive, but to keep the cuff safe.

And Zerachiel is no ordinary man—he’s a wizard who introduces Amber to an underground world of magic and mystery living on the streets of Chicago she thought she knew. Together they discover a whole new world of love and lust, as the sparks fly between them.

Retrieving Love is the first in the Urban Seduction series and sets the scene for the magical underworld of Chicago very well.

Amber is a great character, I really liked everything about her, her feisty, sexual, accepting nature was spot on. And when her bike collides with a wizard on a busy intersection on the very first page my imagination was instantly prodded.

Zerachiel, the afore mentioned wizard, oh he is yummy, just what I’d hoped he would be. Tall and handsome, caring and sweet but at the same time deliciously bad in the bedroom, oh and in the restaurant too – note to self, if he ever asks me out to dinner, say yes :-)

References to Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens throughout the book added to atmosphere, the magical dialogue and the quest. I also enjoyed the premise that magical powers don’t mix with modern technology and loved the fact cell phones are a massive problem for the wizarding community.

The cuff was a puzzle to me as much as it was to Amber and Ze. I was trying to second guess its meaning and powers from the word go. I didn’t manage to but was very happy with the outcome of this part of the plot.

The story left me with a satisfied glow, it had a great finale, (Clarissa was fab), and I enjoyed the way Ms Lapthorne set out a future path for her hero and heroine.

“Do you have any idea of the soft, sweet noises you make when aroused in your sleep?” he asked huskily. “It was all I could do to not start without you, though I suppose being fucked through the mattress is one hell of a way to start the day, hmm?” - Amen to that!!!!!!

Amber about the delectable Mishka – “He’s not my cup of tea, but I’d have to be blind, deaf, dumb, insane and likely dead to not realize how sexy he is.”

“Making out at a pedestrian crossing might not top Naughty Nancy’s Guide to Spicy Sex, but it sure as hell would be a creative starting point for her.”

The park scene!!!!

A well written, magical read with great characters and some seriously hot sex. Ms Lapthorne, once again, does a brilliant job of bringing the reader into the mysterious world she’s created in Chicago. I highly recommend Retrieving Love, and if you are intrigued by Mishka (I was) when you read it make sure you catch the sequel Retrieving Desire.

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