Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Two Tough Hombres by Cerise DeLand

Book two in the Tough Texas Hombres Series

One Ranger. One Woman. Rico Estrada wants just one special woman, but proving it to her may mean breaking his own heart.

Texas Ranger Rico Estrada knows the old saying: One Ranger, One Woman. He’s lived it. Breathed it every time country singing sensation Joy Delaney came home to visit and hop in the sack with him for a night of good lovin’. But the joy ride’s over.

Rico’s moving away from the tasty torment of her luscious little bod. To break the bond, he decides to give her and himself one last treat. His buddy Sheriff Luke Blackwell is sure on board. But can Rico watch another man enjoy what should only be his?

The heat and sexual tension is very palpable in Two Tough Hombres. It’s a ménage, but the heat isn’t the most prevalent when the three get together in the bedroom (although that is hot!)—it’s between Joy and Rico. Even when the sheriff is in the room with them, all she really wants—even though she wants the sheriff too because the scenario she’s in is highly sexy and erotic—is Rico. All Rico wants is her. He’s loved her for years, and she him, but neither have really expressed it in the “loving” way where couples confess how they feel. They’ve had sex, although Joy has always thought of it as making love, but going beyond that line hasn’t seemed an option—until now.

Joy’s career has been ruined by an accident, and she returns home. Of course, she wants another night in the sack with Rico, but her heart yearns for more. Rico feels the same, but does she want him in the same way? With feelings unspoken, they get together again. The sheriff joining them proves to both of them that they just want one another, and I was touched by the depth of maleness that is Rico. He’s so…pwoar! So…MAN!

…when she was the pretty little blonde nerd who sang country and western with the soul of a wronged woman.

…dense as starless midnight…

Her heart seemed to beat even more quickly than his engine.

“…I’ll damn well brand you with it!”

She blessed his mouth with her admission.

If you like a book where the hero is alpha, knows what he wants and goes all out to get it, plus the heroine getting what she’s always longed for when he takes more control than he has previously, then Two Tough Hombres is definitely for you. Rico leaps off the page and squirms into your heart, and the things he does and says have you squirming in other ways too!

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