Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Zuriel's Fate by Serena Yates

What if you're a senior guardian angel on your way to a promotion and discover you don't want to do your job the way your superiors tell you to do it?

Zuriel has been a guardian angel for over a millennium. He's good at following orders and wants a promotion. But is it worth foregoing any kind of emotional attachment to the humans he is in charge of? What's the point of his job when he isn't allowed to connect with those he protects?

Luke is a bad boy who runs his deceased father's motorcycle dealership and repair shop. It gives him the freedom to run his life as he pleases, but he misses having a partner to love and share his life with.

When Zuriel is assigned to guide Luke's soul into the next life, he refuses. Will they be able to escape punishment or will the celestial justice system catch up with them and banish Zuriel into the void?

Zuriel’s Fate is an awesome book with a character to die for. Luke. He says it how it is, and I loved him for it. If something’s not fair, he says so—and stands up and fights for what’s right. I swooned one hell of a lot reading this book, because he’s an alpha with just enough beta to make him totally adorable. Masculine, hunky, and utterly phwoar, Luke is one man you don’t want to miss reading about. He's one of my fave characters to date.

When Zuriel, an angel, is meant to let Luke die and doesn’t, he faces banishment. Luke helps him fight for justice, and whoo, I’d have Luke in my corner anytime! He’s a feisty one, so manly that I got extremely excited several times (mind’s out of the gutter, please…) when his testosterone reared up hard and fast (and not only his testosterone, either!). Umm. Yes. Well, I couldn’t help it, ok?

Zuriel’s Fate is funny, touching, phwoarish, and oh-so-yummy that if I were a rich girl I’d bet £100 that everyone who reads it will love Luke and Zuriel. They belong together, that much is certain, and when they first meet you’re in for a few giggles. The scene in the bar when Zuriel realises he can be seen is hilarious, and Luke’s thoughts and responses are so spot on that I still laugh about them now. You’ll be able to imagine their situation easily—Zuriel clearly thinks he can stare at Luke to his heart’s content because he thinks he’s invisible, and Luke’s wondering why this guy is staring at him and not saying a word or at least approaching him. Really funny.

What is this—a spy movie?

The man obviously believed that he was invisible to everyone, not just Luke.

Yep, laughing had definitely been the wrong reaction.

Unless they took it away, he would take his memory with him when it was time to face his punishment.

Do you have police angels?

Three archangels in dark blue robes stood between them and the road.

This was rather scary behaviour.

An excellent read, one I’ll pick up time and again, because it’s just that good!

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