Monday, 27 June 2011

Dos Lunas by Belinda McBride

Middle brother Diego Lobos has everything he needs. Friends, family, a business, even a great truck, yet there's always a hole inside him that won't be filled. When cool, controlled Victoria Talbot brings in a badly stained dress, he knows she's the one to fill that space. Can he trust her with his secrets if she hides her own?

Dos Lunas is a wonder story that combines shifters, romance, suspense and some damn hot sex. It also gives you a peek inside the world of BDSM, Doms and submissives.

Diego Lobos works for the family dry cleaning business while also doing leather work. He has a way with the ladies, and the Lady in Red is no exception. When Victoria Talbot walks into his place of business to get her lucky red dress clean, Diego knows he's met his mate.

Victoria is running from her past, trying to get her life back. Diego offers the escape from reality that she needs. But once she has him, she wants all of him and begins to believe in the future again. Unfortuately, her past and Diego's family may have something to say about that.

Rosa! Love that woman!

"Crap, Roger, if you were just looking for your family, could you have googled them?"

"A red wedding? My mother will shit kittens."

Ms. McBride tells a wonderful story of love, trust and belonging. This story is full of comedic relief and has a wonderful character by the name of Rosa. The chemistry between Diego and Victoria is electric. The story also give some insight into the BDSM world and the inner thinkings of a Dom and her submissive, even if Diego isn't submissive for too long. If you are looking for it all, hot sex, hunky hero, suspense and a HEA, this is a great story to pick up.

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