Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Frozen by Kat Holmes

Brent Larkin came to Antarctica to study penguins. He didn’t come looking for either adventure or romance. But when a freak storm blows in and he loses his way, that’s exactly what he gets. Attacked by some bobbing lights, he suddenly finds himself in a wintry forest surrounded by men with swords pointed at him. The next thing he knows he’s in a dungeon and chained to the wall.

Awni is the queen of Artica, a land of eternal winter. The daughter of a god, Awni’s cursed to never know the touch of another. Her icy skin is death for anyone who dares to touch her flesh. But, when a mysterious stranger shows up in her lands, she finds herself drawn to him. Eager to learn about his world, she invites him to spend time with her only to be shocked when he touches her and doesn’t freeze to death.

But Artica is a land ruled by tradition. Though she longs to keep Brent with her, the laws of the land force her to send him home. But without him, both she and the land begin to suffer. Now, Awni is facing the same peril as one of her ancestors. And if she perishes like her ancestor did, all of Artica will pay the price. Can Brent, returned to his own world, somehow find his way back and save her before all is lost?

Oh, I did enjoy Frozen. From the sexy but chilly cover to the very last hot word. Often fantasy stories can leave me feeling a little muddled or I struggle to keep up with the author’s vivid imagination. But not with this one. Ms Holmes has a wonderful way of presenting new concepts and worlds which make it so real and so believable that it’s very hard to stop turning those pages.

Awni is a great character. I felt for her living such a lonely existence and although it was a little predictable what happened with Brent, it was SO what I wanted to happen, so no complaints there.

Brent was lovely in that geek chic scientist kind of way, not that there was anything geeky about his hot bod, and the fact that his world was turned upside down and all logic thrown out the window, was even more interesting to see him cope with, given his profession. I also really enjoyed the way he had a wayward brother etc. A history and family. It made me connect with him all the more.

I read this in the garden on a warm and sunny day, and although plunged into Artica’s icy world I was soon heating up! The sex was steamy – boy was I jealous of Awni getting her cold hands on the delectable Brent – and the emotions ran high. There was also just enough plot tension for me to wonder exactly what the outcome was going to be.

Frozen is definitely a book I recommend and I eagerly await more in this series.

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Lin said...

I absolutely agree that Awni's world is believable and Brent belongs.

I got to read this long before anyone else. I am in such awe of Kat's talents

Thank you for a wonderful review for a spellbinding story.