Friday, 3 June 2011

Interview: Kat Holmes

Please welcome Kat Holmes to the blog. She’s celebrating a new release, so settle down and read all about it!

Miz: Hiya, Kat! Welcome to our humble abode. You have a new release. Tell us a little about it.

Kat: My new release is called Working Under Covers and is book one in my Gods At Work series. Each book focuses on a particular God or Goddess. Book one is Aphrodite’s story.

Miz: Sounds fabbo! What was your inspiration for the tale?

Kat: The inspiration for this series was the banking crisis. I started to think, what if us humans weren’t the only ones feeling the crunch? What if the Gods, who depend on our tributes, were suddenly broke and actually had to come to earth to work.

Miz: How groovy is that? Sounds cool! How long did it take to write?

Kat: This whole series is a joy to write and they just flow easily. This took me two days total because it just came so easily.

Miz: Whoa, now that’s some groovy muse you have there! So, it’s a series, right?

Kat: Yep. In fact, book two will release this September and books three, four and five will release next year. Currently book six has been subbed and is pending.

Miz: I’m sure it’ll be accepted. No doubt about it! How many books will there be?

Kat: I don’t really know. There are so many Gods and Goddesses in the Greek pantheon it could go on forever. I doubt it will, but right now I already have ideas for the next two in the series. I do know that when I write one particular god’s story, that will be the finale of the series. But his tale so far is way off.

Miz: Excellent! What else do you have in store for us?

Kat: Lots. :-) I’ve been busy. I have a short story coming out this November called Dangerous Voice. Book one in my new vampire series called Hidden will release June of next year, and my contribution to my publisher’s Lacey’s Lamp serial, called Hannah’s Wish will release November 2012. Beyond that I am working on the sequels to my vampire story and to a book that released in April called Frozen and two more in my Gods At Work series. I’m also co-writing a centaur story with my mom and fellow author L.J. Holmes.

Miz: Oh my goodness. I’m worn out just reading how much work you have yet to do, but it’s good news for readers! Other than writing, are you doing anything else exciting?

Kat: I run my own blog talk radio show called Kat’s Writing Pen. I feature people from the publishing world each week. I’m very excited about June 17th because hunky cover model Jimmy Thomas will be my guest. I’ve also just been made director of reviews for my publisher and that’s a lot of fun.

Miz: Well, it sounds like you’re a super busy bee! I wish you much success in everything you do, and be sure to drop by again when you have another new release. It’s a pleasure to have you.


Viviane Brentanos said...

Lovely interview, Kat. Well done on your appointment as Review goddess of Muse. I know you will look after us all. You are a wonderful asset to this wonderful, fast-growing company

Kat said...

Thanks Viviane you are so sweet.:-)

Lin said...

Kat is busy working hard for Muse in her new capacity. She wants to do nothing but make the Muse family, and believe me, that really is what we are at Muse, proud of her.

I am so proud of her and all she is accomplishing. She is truly blossoming brilliantly.

Miz Love thank you for allowing Kat to come and visit with you. I know she thinks the world of you too.

N.J.Walters said...

Great interview. I think it's wonderful you and your mom are writing a book together!