Friday, 10 June 2011

Job Satisfaction by Dee Jaye

Marie hasn’t worked as a chalet maid long and she thinks she’s alone when she hears curious noises from one of the guest bedrooms. Further investigation reveals one of her prettiest and most buxom guests, Paula, pleasuring herself. Afraid of being caught watching, but unable to tear away her gaze, Marie can’t resist embarking on some solo satisfaction of her own.

Next morning at breakfast, Paula makes it clear she knows Marie was watching and asks her to bring some painkillers to her room as she has a headache and won’t be going out skiing that day.

But when Marie arrives at Paula’s room she realises that headache tablets are not what Paula is really after…

Job Satisfaction is a great erotic short story about Marie who is working abroad for a travel company for the summer. She accidentally sees something she shouldn't when she catches a glimpse of Paula, who is one of the guests alone in her room. Paula knows that she has seen her and plays on it. The next day, she invites Marie to "visit" her later that day in her room while everyone will be gone.

Feeling trapped, Marie feels that she has no choice but to go to Paula's room. Little does she know what she has let herself in for!

Later, when Colette, the resort manager, shows up and finds the two women in bed together, she allows Marie a shot at persuading her to keep her job. Both Paula and Colette pounce on Marie and she is lost in a tangle of women.

I really enjoyed this story; it had everything an erotic short story needs—strong main characters, a believable plot line and lots of steamy scenes that left you rushing to the next page to find out what happens next!

"Now she had the upper hand, now she was in charge. My Turn."

"You've got five minutes,” Colette murmured in her ear, “and then it's my turn with the strap-on!"

Overall a really great and steamy lunchtime read with three completely different women and a very believable plot!

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