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Lawman by Regina Carlysle

Book 5 in the High Plains Shifters series.

In the deep of night she longs for him. Mate, lycan, lover. Her lawman. As Katalin Petrova struggles to control her wild and untamed “gift”, she yearns for the only man who can make her whole. His every touch burns, searing her with unimaginable pleasure. Only her strong, protective lover can tame the wild yearnings of her body and help her claim the power of her ancestors.

While Gabriel Dunham, lycan lieutenant of the Wolf Creek Pack, watches over his intended mate, his patience to claim her nears an end as savage need burns his body. Consumed by unbridled lust, he claims her, takes her, hoping it will be enough to protect Katalin from unseen forces determined to rip her from his arms.

I’ve been waiting for this book like a kid waits for Christmas, all pent-up and ready to burst. And then it arrived, the present, and it was like Santa had thought me a good girl and let me have the one thing I’d waited for—Lawman. And he was worth waiting for. Gabe is masculine, caring, alpha yet unafraid of showing his emotions. He can’t help himself—Kat is his mate, and if he tried to hide how he felt about her she’d know.

Kat has abilities, one of several special female lycans who can do more than your average she-wolf. She doesn’t become a full wolf until she’s consummated her union with Gabe, but already she’s showing signs of being one hell of a unique woman. She can feel Gabe’s emotions and he hers, so it gives their relationship an ever stronger, deeper bond than the usual couple. I liked that, and they fit so well together too—in more ways than one.

Unfortunately, nasty wolves are about, intent on snatching all the special female lycans in order to mate them with their own men. I hated them all, especially Viktor, who had that air about him where you just want to kick his teeth out. I’m not a violent woman, but put him in front of me for real and I’d become one.

There’s another character I disliked from the start—not saying who—and I felt guilty for it. Can you imagine that? I didn’t want to dislike a perfectly nice-ish character for no reason, but there was something about the person that got my hackles up. Well, turns out I was right to be suspicious, and that guilt went flying out the damn window and I had someone else who could do with feeling my boot in their mouth, breaking all their teeth.

Perhaps I need to see someone about this anger issue while reading a Regina Carlysle book…

Lawman contains one of those ultra-sexy, ultra-stimulating consummation scenes that are guaranteed to leave you breathless and wishing lycans actually existed so you could experience that night for yourself. There’s something so…raw and animal about them that as the books progress and you know that scene might happen anytime soon, you find yourself getting just a little bit excited and read faster.

…he’d followed covered wagons filled with hopeful adventurers. (I loved this bit, because it zipped me from the now, right back into the past. Gabe has lived for a long time, and this little touch of showing how long made me happier for him that he’d at last found his destined mate.)

…a quiet obsession born of desperation burning just below the surface of her skin…

…brawny and big as a damn mountain… (I just about goddamn fainted here!)

A sliver of moonlight swept through the windows casting mysterious, sultry shadows through the room… (Mysterious. Liked that here.)

“…You bring the bubbles.”

“…I’ll be back in Cloverfield giving you a hard time.” (Snigger. I just bet he will…)

Looking around to find a place to put his stuff that wouldn’t mess up the pretty scene… (Ah, lovely man.)

“…Just stand there and let me look.”

Lawman is a tale and a half. It has it all. Love, bonding, angst, dilemmas, past hurts that need healing, nasty villains, and heroes to win the day. Lots of sexy, brawny, delicious heroes. This series is a winner. I’ve loved them all so far. Long may it reign!

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