Sunday, 5 June 2011

Reviews: Can You Help?

I need help! Do you have time to read one or two books a month (or more if you can!) and are prepared to write a positive review of that book for us? Can you write reviews like us and make notes as you read of all your Best Bits? Can you express how certain parts of the book made you feel? If you can, we need you!

The inbox is getting fuller by the day, and due to all of us working fulltime, we’re unable to read as many as we’d like. I’d love a review to go up every weekday, but it isn’t working out like that, however hard we try.

The review guidelines are in the pages tab above. If you’re interested, can you email me at the addy in the guidelines? If you have a favourite author or publisher, be sure to let me know. If any books come in by them, I can forward them to you, one at a time, sending another once your review for the last has been sent in. As well as the books in the queue, I’m allowed to request books for you from Ellora’s Cave, Resplendence Publishing, Dreamspinner Press, Breathless Press, and Total-E-Bound. If there’s a book out there you’ve always wanted to read published by these publishers, it’s all yours in return for a review! At the moment, though, our main aim is clearing the present queue, so I would randomly send books your way until it has been reduced.

Please help! We’re drowning in books and desperate to get them all reviewed for the authors who have spent so much time writing them. Even if only one of you responds, that will help immensely. Your identity will remain a secret, with only me knowing who you are. Alternatively, you may wish to write in with a new email address if you want to remain totally anon. And, of course, you would choose your Miz name.

Thank you.

*Goes off praying someone writes in*

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