Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Taurus Tamed by Tammy Valentine

Izzy Morgan is a girl on a mission of sexual discovery through the zodiac. But her journey has barely begun when the whole erotic experiment is threatened from a most unlikely quarter—her best friend. Can Izzy make things right and salvage her love life before the Zodiac Club collapses?

**plot spoiler alert**

Izzy has joined a dating agency where she can get her pick of the men she needs—sorting through them by their zodiac sign in order to fulfil her mission. She has a great night with Spencer and thinks they might well go another step further, but the owner of the dating agency gives her a call, smashing her idea to smithereens.

Spencer has been playing a game, selecting women by starting at the beginning of the alphabet and working his way through. Poor Izzy. She’d thought their date went really well, so to find out she was used wasn’t too nice a feeling. Then, to her dismay, her friend becomes a little too irate about the situation when they discover Spencer wasn’t a true Aries but a Taurus because he was born on the cusp. Izzy would have to date another Aries in order to have sampled a man true to his sign.

Besides, he was working his way through the alphabet; you’re working your way through the zodiac. What’s the difference? I’m so glad Jessica said that, because I’d been thinking the same thing. I love contradictions in characters, where they think it’s ok for them but not for someone else, because it’s a truly human trait, but at the same time I was happy that this was addressed and brought to Izzy’s attention!

An interesting little read that made me giggle a few times (the voice was great) and think about whether or not I could do the dating agency thing.

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