Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tell Me Now by Jambrea Jo Jones

Can a shattered Marine find home in the past?
Abe Grissom is tired of being alone and not knowing what to do with his life. No longer in the military he heads for home in hope of some answers.
With a little push from his mom he runs into Cameron Norwood. And Cameron has grown into a man worth drooling over. Should he stay or should he go? His future might be decided by looking to the past.
Is he Marine enough for the challenge?

Don’t ask, don’t tell is pretty much out the fuckin’ window when you get caught with your BDUs around your damn ankles and your cock up a random guy’s ass. That’s what I get for drinking too much and letting my libido take over.

Okay. A story begins this way and I am hooked. Right to the punch, Big Dog Daddy cards out on the table, the mood is set. Count me in.

First, let me say this is my first time to read the writing of Jambrea Jo Jones, although I’d heard many wonderful things about her books. And—as cliché as it may sound—I was not disappointed. This little short story was packed tight within its thirty-five pages with really lovable characters, hot yet sensitive sex, and delightful dialogue. The language was downright gritty, true-to-life, just your guy-next-door talk. Thoroughly engaging.

The story begins with a prologue in which Marine Sergeant Abraham “Abe” Grissom is caught, literally, with his pants down—engaging in sex with another man in a dark alley—by a handful of homophobic fellow marines. They attack him and beat him so brutally that his injuries cause him to be discharged from service.

I honestly thought that—despite the bawdy tone and language which had given it a light-hearted touch—that the story was going to be a depressing one. After all, Gabe has come away from his ordeal with vision problems and a limp. He feels he’s washed up. So I gulped, bracing myself for a tough ride.

But Ms. Jones pulled a fast one on me.

Our man Abe, very quickly into the story, runs into Cameron “Cam” Norwood at the local grocer’s. Spontaneous combustion. Here’s a snippet, and this little ditty happens within minutes of their meeting:

There was no way I could get involved with a man in town. The community was small enough and gossip would run rampant, but Cam licked his lips and I had to have a taste. He wasn’t a kid anymore and neither was I. I moved closer. 
“Where’s your dad?” I took a quick look around the store. It looked like we were alone.  “Retired two years back and probably camped out in front of the TV at home.” Cam inched forward. “I’m going to kiss you.” “I’m going to let you.” Cam flashed that killer smile and I was a goner. It was this kind of impulsive shit that got me into trouble. I knew it but couldn’t seem to help myself.

See? What did I tell you?

Okay, now, there is a bit of angst, as a homophobic town bully does spot Gabe and Cam kissing, and proceeds to beat the crap out of Cam soon afterwards, as well as defacing the store windows with homophobic words.

But Cam is a tough little cracker, and he’s not defeated by this. In fact, the incident only serves to bring him and Gabe together.

Gabe is torn, he’s terrified to get involved with Cam. Although the chemistry is hot (and, boy, is it ever), that’s all the more reason to fear an attachment if he decides he can’t settle down in this small town.

A cute side dish to this little feast of a story is the fact that Gabe’s and Cam’s parents are dating each other. They are adorable, and both extremely supportive of their sons, so much so that THEY are the little matchmakers for their boys.

It’s hard to NOT divulge plot for a short story, and I suppose I did just give away too much of it. The beauty of this story, though, goes light years beyond just the plot. Ms. Jones whipped up some very memorable fellows in such a limited allowance of wordage. I loved peeking into their bedroom and sharing their potent intimacy and relished their huge attraction for each other. They’re tough but so cute. Oh, so cute!

It’s always exciting to discover a writer you’ve never read before, and Ms. Jones has been no exception for me. Her voice is down-to-earth, smooth and humorous. I’m looking, even as we speak, for other books she’s written, to experience more of her unique style. Secret? I’ve even hinted to the author that it would be mighty cool to see a novel featuring this sexy duo, Cam and Gabe. We’ll see if she bites.

For a quick, delicious read that’s heavy on romance and sensuality? You must read Tell Me Now. Highly recommended!

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