Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Trois by Em Petrova

When Jane's husband Ethan discovers his wife has been dipping into the honey jar, he demands a taste of the decadent pleasure. But Jane's new lover Margot is newly divorced and shies from the idea of being with another man. Frustrated, but willing to be patient, Ethan is allowed to watch his wife experience mind-blowing pleasure, vowing that soon he will have Margot in his arms.

However, there is more to Margot's hesitation than entering a relationship with a married couple. Her ex is pressuring her—leaving her leery of men and afraid of dragging Jane and Ethan into it. While battling her attraction for Ethan, she shoots down Jane's request to make their relationship a true threesome.

Can Ethan help Margot overcome her fear of him and gain her trust, as well as put a stop to her ex's harassment?

I nabbed the second instalment in this series because I enjoyed the first one so much. I didn’t think the first, Deux, could be topped. Talk about all kinds of wrong! Trois had me in a bit of a state. A good state, but one that had me thinking all kinds of things. Like, do all of us have a secret yearning to have relations with someone of the same sex? I’d never really thought about it before—not beyond the usual, “She’s pretty” kind of thing, anyway—but Trois had me asking the question seriously for the first time. Whether it’s just the novelty of F/F for me, or whether I truly did need to address this question at some point in my life, I don’t know, but I’m glad I did.

Jane and Margot’s affair has progressed. They’re comfortable with one another, and Jane’s husband, Ethan, knows all about it. He’s ok with their relationship, just wants Jane to be happy, and if loving Margot does that, then it’s fine by him. He’s not going to lie and say he wouldn’t mind joining in either, and I liked that. He wants in on the action, and who can blame him? If I was him, I’d want in on it too! Now there’s a secret I didn’t mean to slip out, but hey, who cares. This is how the book gets you—acknowledging things about yourself you didn’t know existed until you read those words.

Margot’s insecurity about men was one thing preventing her from allowing Ethan into the bedroom with them. That and the fact she didn’t want a threesome spoiling what she and Jane had—what Ethan and Jane had. Margot had never wanted to come between the married couple—pardon my filthy mouth there—and I understood her here. She’d found someone who loved her wholly, wanted to keep that for herself, special, and having Ethan join them might ruin it.

But Ethan looked at her a certain way, and she knew there was room in her heart for him too. I cheered about that. I’ve read ménage with m/m/f, but let me tell you, f/f/m is a whole lot of HOT and more. It’s my new favourite love triangle!

…and the moon’s blue glow seeped in, throwing a rectangle on the floor.

…her heart broke open and she let him in.

A seriously hot read, but the heat level isn’t what did it for me. It was the feelings and emotions of Margot that snuggled into my heart. I like her a lot and look forward to the next book in the series. If it gets any hotter, though, I’m likely to faint or something.

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