Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Business of Pleasure by Justine Elyot

If one call could set you on a trail to the heart of your darkest fantasy, would you make it?

Charlotte does, and her bold decision propels her into a world where no desire is too outrageous, decadent or extravagant to be satisfied – for a price. Her own fantasy life merges with reality when she is hired to work for the shadowy organisation she first encountered as a client. She organises an array of wild set pieces involving banquets, film productions, mansions full of pleasure slaves, as well as thoroughly researching those requests that chime with her own kinky tastes. Two men, one woman, and every sexual fantasy imaginable – these are the ingredients that make up the business of pleasure.

The Business of Pleasure is a rip-roaring, rollercoaster ride of sexual indulgence; eloquently written, at times shocking, and always entertaining.

It’s a complex weave of tales, told in both the first and third person, and the consistent character, who we keep nipping back to, is Charlotte. Charlotte sets out to sate her darkest desires and ends up working for the company that promises to deliver the goods for even the fussiest of deviants. She’s a great character, horny and kinky, and has just the right level of emotional involvement with her employers as the story unfolds to keep it real and not all about the sex.

I completely adored the way Ms Elyot skipped into the heads of other clients, her knack of drawing a reader in and making them understand what people want is really satisfying, especially when the end product is so skillfully written.

In all honesty, there a too many to name, but I will give it a go…

“Charlotte and Pirate Collins seemed almost the only people in the room who weren’t fucking – writhing bodies, vanilla and chocolate and coffee, filled the divans with heaving, throbbing lust in action as far as the eye could see.”

“Yes, Master,” she groaned in defeat. She had certainly wanted a creative sadist, and Collins was certainly fitting that description. Perhaps a little too well.”

“He skewered two fingers up inside her, shaking her out of her dilemma over smoked salmon sandwiches or poached eggs on toast.”

“A real prostitute would not have used up so much on one fuck. I need to remember to lie back and think of…”

“Any amount of fungus might be blooming beneath his perfect skin. His broad chest could be full of deadly spores. I might put my lips up to his to be kissed, only to find the sweetish stench of decay wafting from his mouth. Ulcer, sores, nail infections – all might hide inside a fashionable suit. – I have not had an orgasm other than by my deeply-disinfected vibrator in five years…”

“He is sexy. Not obviously sexy, but sinuous, graceful, elegant, sardonic, jaded. It’s the way he moves and the tired eyes…”

An amazing book which proves that this is one author who can really punch out the good stuff. Sumptuous sex scenes, lavish settings and orgasms that rock off the page. I urge you to pick it up and sink your teeth in. My time getting lost in this wonderful, if shady, world was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and it is a book I am sure I will not only be recommending but also one I will be dipping back into.

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