Thursday, 21 July 2011

Gemini Enjoyed by Tammy Valentine

Twelve star signs, four friends, one extraordinary year. As Izzy’s sexual adventure reaches Gemini, she finds herself opening up to a whole new realm of experience. But when it comes to the crunch, just how much will she be willing to share?

Tammy Valentine has once again written a great tale that made me smile, laugh, and enjoy her excellent voice. It suits me very well, so I didn’t think twice about taking it from the queue.

Izzy is out there again, meeting fun-loving Gemini, Bud Hurst. When she eyes up his package, I saw it for myself (blush) and felt her embarrassment at being caught looking. She’s such a loveable character that if someone like her exists in real life, I want her as my friend.

I loved the way the date and Bud brought Izzy out of herself. She relaxed, really enjoyed the night, and Ms Valentine perfectly showed how, even though many things are going on around Izzy, she only takes in certain things because there is just too much to see and feel. The buzz of the night vibrates on the page, and I found myself experiencing it with her.

I will say I wish the book had been longer. I know it’s meant to be short, and I do love shorter works the best, but with Tammy Valentine and her hugely enjoyable voice, I’d have no trouble reading a novel by her.

…keen to discover the owner of this sumptuous display of leginess. (The description of these boot-covered legs is excellent. I also loved this part of the paragraph: When the boots finally ran out of sequins… It showed how long the boots were, how sparkly, and I wanted a pair!)

If you enjoy stories where the heroine gets herself into all sorts of situations, The Zodiac Series really are the books for you. I’d recommend buying them all at once, though, because once you’ve read one, you can’t wait for the next. They’re like Pringles. Once you pop, you can’t stop!

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