Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hard Drive by Ambrielle Kirk

Content with his computer business, Carlos is happy with his choices in life…until a confident Nubian beauty walks into his store. Too bashful and insecure to unleash the romantic man inside, he is instantly attracted to Dana as she unknowingly changes his preconceived notions about gorgeous women who need every male at their beck and call.

But the truth comes out: Dana may have another agenda, and Carlos is ready to hide behind his glasses and computers. But will he combat his trust before this beauty walks out on him…for good?

Oh, yum. I love a good computer-geek-takes-control-of-his-woman story and this one does not disappoint. It’s a quick read but the characters are well developed and when the sex steams onto the pages near the end, the reader is certainly invested in them and ready to vicariously live their naughty moment.

I actually read this book while at the mechanics, waiting for my car to get new tyres. Within minutes the greased, shirtless hunks lugging heavy chunks of metal and rubber around the place were upstaged by bi-focal wearing, self-confessed nerd, Carlos. He was great, a neat-freak boffin that had a deliciously hesitant demeanor and I could ‘so’ see what Dana saw in him.

Dana too was a great character. I enjoyed her POV immensely and her surprise in the middle was a nice little twist on the journey to their HEA.

“Dana was everything he’d never had and could only imagine being within two feet of.” Ahh. Bless him.

The whole last scene with the desk :)

“You’re operating system is slow to start up – that’s one indication that something isn’t quite right.” Maybe it was just me, but all the computer references seemed to have suggestive under-currents. Mm, yep, maybe that’s just my naughty mind!

Perfect if you are looking for a quick, steamy read that will tick all the boxes. There’s a nice little bit of control play, good characters and the writing style is very visual and satisfying. I recommend Hard Drive and will be searching out more by this author.

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