Friday, 29 July 2011

Panties Optional by Stephanie Beck

Maggie Chase has a wild night of passion planned with the help of Madame Evangeline’s dating service, 1NightStand. A single night with an incredible man, what more can a busy girl ask for?

Sam Peterson requests that Madame Evangeline help him find a woman who isn’t after him for his money. Maggie may just fit the bill, but with her list of fantasies in hand, she may be more than he bargained for.

Forever isn’t on either one of their minds, but maybe it doesn’t have to be.

Panties Optional is a short story set in Las Vegas. It features a very naughty Maggie who enters The Castillo without her underwear. Why? Because she’s been lacking in bedroom action and means to put an end to her sex drought, no matter what the cost – and it costs a lot.

Luckily she is instantly, wildly attracted to her match, Mr. Samuel Peterston, and no sooner does she sit down her foot is wandering up his leg and her toes are sinking into his cock.

Panties Optional is nicely written the way it switches between the hero’s and heroine’s viewpoint. It succeeds in making the reader feel that he/she knows the characters intimately and can fully relate to their situation. There is a nice little twist to the plot which I won’t give away here – I wouldn’t want to distract from the fun!

I do feel it could have been a little longer, there was lots of steaminess but more was promised, it just got going and it ended. I would have liked to have hung around with this couple some more and seen what they got up to – which just goes to show what a nice job Ms Beck does of engaging the reader.

“Black leather on one guy. In the desert. Dumb.”

Okay, we’re both here to do our best to walk away limping from exhaustion and friction burns.”

“I’m also very open to exploration. I’m an any position kind of girl, don’t mind a little spanking when the mood is right.”

A short, satisfying read, good characters, well written, and steamy enough to make you shift in your seat if you are reading it on the subway! I would like to see what else this author has published.

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steph beck said...

Thanks so much for picking up Panties Optional! You picked out a few of my favorite lines as well :)

Stephanie Beck