Monday, 15 August 2011

The Best of Lucy Felthouse by Lucy Felthouse

Fantasy Assignment
She loves a man in uniform, so being sent to write a feature about life in an army camp leaves Charlene feeling all her Christmases have come at once. Her guide round the barracks is the very sexy Corporal Matt Stokes, and as soon as she sets eyes on him, Charlene can’t wait to see his privates on parade.

A Lucky Man
It's an awful lot like Christmas, isn't it? That's usually the time when you just cannot decide whether you'd really prefer a leg, or a nice mouthful of breast. And even admiring a round and firm parson's nose only distracts you all the more, making it difficult for you to try and explain why you feel so bad about having to choose just the one to enjoy.

Posh Boy
Accents make her horny, particularly posh ones. So when our narrator calls a friend to wish him a happy birthday and hears Nathan's dulcet tones in the background, the fun really begins. The pair exchange telephone numbers and chat regularly. Soon the talk turns dirty, and what starts as smoking hot phone sex ends with a promise to meet up and make their fantasies into reality.

Sometimes, the best way to get through a boring lecture is to entertain yourself with a spicy fantasy. This erotica-writing student has a vivid imagination and a lust for her fellow student, Karl, and when the two combine, the result is sizzling sex in the classroom.

Beach Babe
Megan’s relaxing, yet uneventful beach holiday on a secluded island hots up when she meets a sex god. He's a gorgeous guy and Megan would definitely like to see what he's hiding under those shorts. The trouble is, he doesn't speak a word of English. Undeterred, Megan decides she's just going to have to use body language to get what she wants. A squirt of sun cream later and the fun really begins...

The Best of Lucy Felthouse is a collection of five short, highly erotic stories all written by Ms Felthouse, and from the hot front cover to the very last page I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. There is something for everyone’s taste within these pages, from HOT uniform action – somewhat of a specialty of this author I have noticed – to naughty classroom antics and buff beach gods.

Lucky Man stood out for me. It is told from a guy’s point of view, and he’s absolutely besotted by his woman, especially her ample curves. It is a cleverly written and really lets us into his mind about what it is he enjoys doing to her acres of soft flesh when they are getting down and dirty. After reading this story I had to check it was by the same author, the voice is so different, but equally eloquent and lovely.

E620 has a realism about it that caught and held my attention all the way through – the title being the number of the lecture room our heroine shares erotic fantasies with a fellow male student in. Or was it a fantasy?

“Month of flirting, talking about sex, and discussing my dirty stories in fine detail have finally come to a head.”

“Fucking hell, that was incredible. I haven’t come that hard or that much in ages. My balls are well and truly emptied.”

“I’ve always been a sucker for posh accents. I think it’s because they tend to be associated with well-educated young men who are polite, gentlemanly…and just waiting to be corrupted. That’s where I come in…”

A great anthology if you want a book you can pick up and put down in a coffee break and always know you are going to get something steamy and original. Each story has its own merits, each story very different to the last. As usual, Ms Felthouse does not disappoint and this is a great book to add to your erotic reading collection.

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