Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Heart For Adam...& Rick! by Larissa Lyons

Can one stressed-out mom let go long enough if the rewards promise to be worth it? This one can!

Two years after being blessed with twin boys, Kelli’s still having a tough time feeling desirable. So when her husband whisks her away for a romantic weekend, complete with chocolate and lake house, she promises herself to leave her exhaustion and inhibitions behind.

What she’s not expecting is for Adam to seduce her out of her swimsuit just in time for their good friend Rick to arrive—where both men proceed to show her just how sexy she really is.

*MAD*WARNING* This short erotic story features a harried wife, her loving husband, and a friend of theirs who joins in the fun. Expect melting chocolates and sweaty bodies. Oh, and orgasms—several! This encounter is meant to entice and arouse. Mature audiences only!

Kelli has the exact same problem as me. She’s body conscious. More so since she had her sons. She’s worried about her belly not being like it was, her boobs growing bigger, saggier since giving birth, and all those horrible little things we spot wrong with our bodies that no one else seems to notice—or if they do, they’re not saying or it doesn’t bother them.

The latter is the case for Adam, her husband. He loves her whatever she looks like, loves the fact she’s real and cooks, cleans, does all the things “normal” women do, and is still sexy while doing it. To him, she’s everything he’s ever wanted. Because of her self-consciousness, though, Kelli can’t quite get to grips that Adam isn’t bothered by her body changes. That he loves them. Neither can she understand how Rick, their best friend since school, also loves her body—and that he’s thought about having sex with her for a very long time.

Adam and Kelli are away for the weekend, a much-needed break from being “the parents”, spending time together to just be them without fear that a creaking bed will wake the kids. You know how it is. I identified with her very well because of the insecurity and the reasons why she can’t fully enjoy sex since having children. When Rick arrives at their getaway and it’s plain he’s been invited by Adam to join in their sexual trysts, Kelli is a little mortified that her body is on show. Both men calm her nerves, both lavish her with attention—until she forgets to be self-conscious at all. She’s entertained, once or twice, the thought of being with Rick, so a threesome isn’t abhorrent to her. She embraces them both and learns to accept things about herself that she couldn’t before—that she’s beautiful.

I think I’ll offer up the boys instead.

“Can you both leave me to expire in peace?”

…better suited to smoky dives than sunlit patios…

Stupid, wonderful, happy tears.

A great short tale that has so much packed into it for so little pages. It’s entertaining, very well written, and gives you just enough to whet your appetite, if you know what I mean!

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Larissa Lyons said...

Hi Miz Menage - Thanks so much for the great review. I'm glad you enjoyed Kelli and Adam (and Rick's) story. :-) Larissa