Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hearts & Diamonds by Nichelle Gregory

Passion sparks the moment Nia unknowingly meets federal agent Rios.

Nia Sanders knows diamonds. She appreciates the heart-felt emotions of her customers buying them. When federal agent, Quin Rios saves her life in the middle of a violent jewel heist, she finds herself attracted to the sensual possibilities beneath his uber professional, self-contained persona.

Determined to keep her safe as he solves the case, Quin can't let his attraction to Nia distract him. The heat of their fiery passion consumes them as they both struggle to control their emotions...neither are prepared to lose their heart.

Hearts and Diamonds is a steamy, saucy romp beautifully interlaced with a tale of a villainous jewellery heist. Nia loves her work as a jewellery store manager, especially on the build up to Christmas. But right from the start of Chapter One the reader knows this is not going to be an ordinary holiday season for her.

Enter Quin Rios – YUM – and it all goes crazy, literally. Her friends are no longer who she thinks they are, she doesn’t feel safe in her own home, and she is certainly not in control of her lusty appetites whenever HE is around.

I really enjoyed this story, it had everything an erotic romance should have. The emotion, the sex and a background plot which kept me turning the pages. The descriptions were vibrant no matter what the scene and the hero certainly one who was easy to fall for.

Definitely the way I was thrown into the action so quickly. No info dump, just GO!

Quin’s deftness at handing out a spank – yes please!

Quin’s scent, and the way Nia adores his clothes when he’s not there – such a girly thing to do. I could almost smell him myself.

A novel I will be recommending to friends to read any time of the year, not just at Christmas – I enjoyed it on a sun-baked beach and the author cleverly still made me feel festive and snowy! Great dialogue, fun characters with depth and a nicely stitched conclusion. Nichelle Gregory is an author for your ‘must-read list’. Go grab a copy of Hearts and Diamonds.

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