Wednesday, 24 August 2011

His at Last by Brenna Zinn

For ten long years, Carter Lang’s secret desire for Leslie Brighten burned relentlessly. His secretary and fifteen years his junior, Leslie was off limits—a potential liability Carter refused to chance. But on the day of his early retirement, Carter discovers Leslie in an erotic situation that not only changes his mind about pursuing the beautiful object of his intense passion, it will change his life forever.

Ah, this is a damn sweet book. The insecurity on both sides is endearing. What if he doesn’t want me? What if she knocks me back? Carter and Leslie have liked one another for a looooong time. He wonders if he’s too old for her, and she wonders if being middle class has stopped any chances of him wanting anything to do with her other than her being his secretary.

A classic tale of people not saying how they feel in case of rejection. Oh, the wasted time! That’s what I thought when reading. They could have done so much already! But when push comes to shove, with the realisation that they may well never see one another again once Carter retires and Leslie moves away, the pair of them know they’ve either got to do something about their feelings or forever live with the regret of never having at least tried.

The candle flickered, making his whisky-colored eyes shimmer like liquid gold.

“…Did I do the right thing?”
“Oh, yes.”

I’m so glad they got together. His at Last is one of those books where you know from the start they’re going to get their happy ever after, so you’re safe in that knowledge to lay back and enjoy going on their journey with them. I laid back in the bath and watched the pair of them struggle with trying to get the courage to approach the other—but fate had other ideas, throwing them together at a wedding. Very sweet, in the best possible way, and a book you can sigh over at the end because they got what they wanted.


Brenna Zinn said...

Thank you so very much for the extremely nice review. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I loved writing it.
Brenna Zinn

Vamp said...

What a lovely review! I enjoyed this book immensely. Great job, Brenna.

Allie Standifer said...

Love Brenna Zinn's work. Can't wait to read what she's got coming out next!