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Interview: Leslie Lee Sanders

Welcome, Leslie. Fantastic to have you here! How long have you been writing?

Most of my life. I started writing in elementary school.

What prompted you to start writing?

Reading scary story books from my elementary school's library had perked my interest in writing. Yeah, I loved reading the stories, but I thought it would be so much fun to write my own. So I did.

Cool! How often do you write?

Not as often as I like, I'll admit. I try to write at least once a day. Juggling three girls, a husband and a day/night job (I work nights as a home health aide) limits my writing time. However, one thing's for sure, I finish what I start.

Sounds like you’re a busy woman! Where do you get your ideas from?

Ideas come to me from everywhere: headlines, music, dreams, etc. I always find myself saying, "Ooh, that'll make a good story!" My best ideas for stories usually start with a message I want to say, an opinion I can express literarily rather than vocally.

What part of the publishing process do you like the best?

The book's release. Yeah, the acceptance is great. A huge weight is lifted off your shoulders when an editor confirms your book has potential. You can't stop smiling for days. Editing is exciting because you are making the book the best it could be, in anticipation for its release. But when it's finally out there in the reader's hands (or on their e-reader) it feels like I've watched my baby bird ready himself on the edge of the nest and successfully take off.

How do you feel when you receive your covers?

Ecstatic! Thankfully, the covers are eye catching. Every cover portrays the book's theme and the characters perfectly. I love cover art so much, it makes me want to learn Photoshop.

Are you anxious about reviews?

If an author says she's not anxious about reviews, she's lying. We writers write every story with self-doubt looming over us because we fear that our story will suck. We want people to love our stories just as much as we do. Knowing people have varied opinions makes me anxious about reviews. But the truth of the matter is we can't please everyone.

Which genre are you most comfortable writing?

I love writing and reading erotic romance with themes of MMF ménage and MM erotic romances.

Are there any you have yet to try?

Paranormal erotic romance. I need to build up some courage to write in this genre.

What works do you have in store for us lucky readers in the future?

I'm nearly finished with the first draft of Before the Darkness, a post-apocalyptic M/M erotic romance. I'm really excited about this story. It's very emotional and character-driven with the happy ending we all enjoy. It's a story that signifies an important message I have to deliver.

If you could go anywhere, any time, and money was no object, where would you go, why, and who with?

As boring as this may sound, it's true. I would like to go far away, probably Hawaii, with my hubby and just relax. That's it. No responsibilities, no worries, just rest and relaxation. Ah, I can see it now.

Me too! Heaven! Thank you so much for being here today, Leslie, and allowing to learn more about you. We wish you much success in your writing career, and, of course, your life in general.

So, dear readers, have fun reading an excerpt of Leslie’s book, Benefits of Sharing.


Cara Matthews is about to turn thirty, and for her, it’s the death of her youth and the beginning of the dull years. Her husband, James, is aware of her sudden grief and surprises her with something that should take her mind off of aging: young Isaac.

Maybe Isaac can help Cara create her very own wild and crazy experience to share—in more ways than one—and help her transition smoothly from her twenties to her thirties.

Cara is all too eager to finally experience the excitement she’s been desperately craving, but she’s also a little skeptical. Exactly who is Isaac, and why is he so eager to please?


"Hi," she greeted the delivery guy.

"Hello," he said with such a deep voice, she did a double take just to be sure the sound came from the tall young man standing before her. He smiled. "Cara Matthews? These are for you."

"Thank you." Her husband was definitely the best. Already his gift had cheered her up.

The delivery guy handed her the dark purple irises in their clear glass vase. They were her favorite color and flower. "There's a note in the middle for you." He beamed.

"Oh, I already know who they're from." She smiled again, said "thank you," closed the door, and turned to go back inside. Once in the kitchen, she set the flowers down on the center of the table and smelled a few of them. A fresh, sweet floral scent filled her nostrils. Perfect. She grabbed her cocoa and quickly drank the rest of it before washing the mug and putting it back in the cabinet. Then she sat down at the kitchen table before her leather-bound diary. She glanced at the flowers and the little white note that stuck up from the purple petals. She carefully plucked it out and read it.

We talked about the benefits of "sharing," and I think it's the perfect time to do just that. You deserve a special gift for a special day, and he's outside waiting for you. Now invite Isaac in, and be sure to thoroughly thank him. Happy birthday!

Love, James.

Cara read and reread James's message. Was she reading it clearly? They had talked about what fun it would be to invite someone into their bed for a threesome. They even laughed at how it could further strengthen their marriage, but she had thought the entire conversation was just a joke, a way of entertaining themselves. She turned the card over, expecting to read, Gotcha! I cheered you up, didn't I? But no such words were there. It was blank.


Was James serious?

Cara immediately went back to the front door and looked through the peephole again. There he was, the delivery guy, pacing back and forth on the porch.

"This must be a joke," she mumbled and cracked the door opened. She peeked through the slit.


He grinned and stared at her with light brown eyes. "You gonna invite me in?"

"Who are you?" she asked, frowning, unsure.

"I'm Isaac. James sent me."

"For what?" Cara glared, waiting for him to confirm what was written on the note.

He laughed uneasily and whispered, "To help you feel better," then winked.

Although she was a bit hesitant, Isaac looked harmless and even a little tense. She opened the door wider to get a better look at the guy.

The author of several books of fiction and fiction with spice, Leslie Lee Sanders spends her time writing erotic romances (mostly in the gay and ménage categories). She currently has two books available for mature teen readers and several erotic romances published as e-books and in print.


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Thanks, Miz Love and Crew, for having me here today. :-)

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It's always nice getting to peek beneath the cover and meeting the author. Uh... that sounded wrong. LOL. Your books sounds intriguing.. great blurb.

Did you ever think of writing a historical romance?

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