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Interview: Shaun Allan & Sin

Hello, Shaun! Lovely to have you here. What do you like best about writing?

I love that I’m creating other worlds, or other people or creatures, and finding out what happens to them. I never know, when I begin a story, how it’s going to end. I find out what happens when it happens. It’s fab!

I totally agree. Fab it is! How does writing make you feel?

Hmmm... Released. Relaxed. Excited. When I’m writing I’m in the mind of the character, and—especially when that mind is a semi-lunatic like Sin—that can be liberating!

Do you have several plots going around in your head at once, or do you focus on just one?

I have several. I write each blog entry (for Sin) from a single sentence, so I have what each will be about, so odd things people say get me started. Plus, ideas pop into and out of my head like bathroom bubbles—some disappear when touched. I really NEED to carry a notepad around with me. I know this but forget to...

Do you have several manuscripts on the go, or can you only concentrate on one at a time?

Currently I have the sequel to Sin, his blog (which is updated regularly), a children’s story about zombies, another children’s story that I’d written 30,000 words on and forgotten about (!) and a short story about the four horsemen! That’s without other ideas flitting in and out to mix it all up.

What's your fave time to write?

Any time I get. Because of a busy job and family life, I don’t get a lot of time. Sometimes I manage 300 words a day and I see it as an achievement! That’s probably why it took 10 years to write Sin!

How often do you write?

Every day I manage to get something down. Even if it’s only a little, it’s worth it.

Do you belong to any writing groups?

If I had time, I would!

How long have you been writing?

Forever. Or at least from being a child when I would (apparently) write stories and draw the pictures to go with them. Then, in senior school, the English teacher read To Kill a Mockingbird to the class and I knew I wanted to write something that would captivate people. Luckily Sin seems to do that, so I’m a happy chappie.

How do you feel when you finish a book?

Relief and regret. A sense of achievement, but I am also a little sad that the journey is over.

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And now, folks, we have an interview with Sin, one of Shaun's characters!

Hello, Sin. How old are you and what do you look like?

I’m 43. I think, anyway. The drugs kind of dull the memory. I know I have been 34 and that was a while ago, so I’ll flip the numbers and settle on 43. It might not be wrong. As Clare Maguire said, I was told that time tiptoes by, but I can hear his footsteps running past me. Awkward sod that he is.

As to what I look like, I’m 5’9”, a few pounds over what I think I should be. I have short dark hair that’s grey at the temples. I call it my distinguished look. A friend once called it my Mr. Fantastic look. I like his version better!

I used to work on an oil refinery. I used to work with computers, drawings, inspection results and so on. That’s how I knew the best way to kill myself to escape the asylum and the screams of the dead. Not that it worked, of course. Now, for a living, I try to stop the dying. I just don’t know if I can. Does the death of one appease the deaths of many? I wish I knew.

Anywho. If you’re talking about paid work, a career and so on, I have to admit that I’m currently between opportunities. Being an ex-mental patient (even though I’m honestly not crazy) kind of limits your potential aspects. I don’t even ask if you want fries with that.

Not getting caught. Stopping myself. Finding out if she really is the ghost of my dead sister or if being in the asylum for so long rubbed off on me and I actually have gone crazy. Where I can find a decent bacon butty. E: All of the above.

You’re freaking me out. How long have you been able to kill people without touching them?

Since I picked up that damned coin. Since the bus drove through the front of the post office. Maybe before, I don’t know. But that was when it kicked off. That was when I started to feel it and hear them—the dead. Flip and bloody catch? Yeah, right.

To either stop Connors or myself. And to find that decent bacon butty. I mean, they are good, aren’t they!

Um, yes! Where do you live? *asks so she can avoid that place...*

I’m currenly hiding out—I mean residing—at my parent’s old house in Grimsby. But that’s just between you, me and the lamppost that’s standing sentry outside. Up until a few days ago I was in the ‘care’ of one Dr. Connors, psychiatrist extraordinaire...or whatever he calls himself. And I say ‘care’...but it depends on your definition. Being fed slop and whichever concoction of drugs kept you quiet wasn’t mine. But it was his. 

Righty ho! Do you have a lover at present?

No. I did, but she took the bus one day...

I wonder why… Where is your ideal holiday?

A holiday? What’s that? Considering my recent abode, I’ve dreamed about all sorts. A beach with a drink in one hand and a book in the other. A safari in Kenya. Standing in Red Square in the snow. Any would be amazing. I did, actually, have what was, to me, the holiday of a lifetime. I went to Luxor in Egypt, something I’ve wanted to do all my life. I walked in the Valley of the Kings. Even now I think ‘wow’!

What gets you annoyed more than anything? I don’t even know whether I ought to be asking that question, considering you’re not sure if you’re crazy and all…

I don’t get annoyed. I’ve been described as so laid back I’m horizontal. It takes a lot to rattle me!

Well, thank goodness for that. Thank you for spending time with us today, Sin. I wish you all the best on your, umm, quest to find out whether you’re crazy or not.



*moves away from Sin slightly* Ahem. What's your ultimate goal?

LOL. What's the most important thing to you right now?

What do you do for a living?

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