Monday, 8 August 2011

Israfil's Future by Serena Yates

What if you're a police angel used to taking orders but suddenly find yourself facing a situation where you need to think for yourself?

Israfil is an excellent police angel. He doesn't like checking up on other angels to make sure they follow the dictates of Heaven's middle management, but he's very good at it. When a mission goes painfully wrong and he's faced with prosecution, he's sure he will be severely punished. Instead, he's sent to Earth and told to ‘get a life'.

Chris is a professor of psychology at Buffalo Community College in Flagstaff, Arizona, who is taking a much needed vacation in the Coconino National Forest. When he goes hiking one day he finds a very naked, very confused man with amnesia in a clearing. The only thing the stranger remembers is that his name is Israfil.

Will the two men be able to solve the riddle of Israfil's past? And once they do, can they decide what to do about Israfil's future?

Israfil’s Future is a very good read, an excellent addition to the Celestial Justice series. This time, we see Israfil, a cop angel who finds himself witnessing a sexual act between an ex-angel and a human. He finds the sight hot but feels guilty at being a Peeping Tom—he hadn’t made himself visible due to not expecting what he’d seen when he’d arrived!

After making himself seen by the two men on the bed and failing in his task, he faints—or what he assumes is a faint!—and wakes with two doctors peering at him. He’s scared he’s going to be punished, but The Big Guy (LOL) has other ideas. Israfil is sent to Earth to try out being human. He wakes naked, alone, and confused as hell, but Chris, away from home on a camping trip, finds him. Chris is a lovely man who takes Israfil under his wing, so to speak. Chris learns more than he ever thought he would—and believes Israfil’s fantastical tale about who he really is.

I really enjoyed the way Israfil wanted to try everything new to him. He was full of life, getting that life The Big Guy told him he ought to get!

He added some of the thunder that seemed to impress most humans for good measure. (LOL)

He drew himself up to his full height. The tips of his wings almost brushed the small room’s walls.

The Big Guy.

…grumbling noise like bowling balls make going down the lane. (Really cool!)

Thank God the blanket hid this strange development. (LOL @ development.)

“…We should start a club, workaholics unite or something.” (LOL!)

“Are you here to try and arrest me again?” (Really funny.)

I loved the humour, the way things were confusing for Israfil yet he pushed on and tried to fit in. His place was with Chris, he realised that, and when The Big Guy gives him a choice, it isn’t difficult for Israfil to make a decision. I loved Israfil’s vulnerability and Chris’ strength. The pair complement one another, and the most endearing thing for me was that Chris wasn’t especially versed in sexual practices, and Israfil knew nothing about it at all. A fresh, delightful slant to a wonderfully written tale.

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Serena Yates said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful review, Miz Heart!