Thursday, 18 August 2011

Miranda's Travels by Naomi Bellina

An encounter between two strangers with very different agendas sets sparks flying as they embark on an unexpected romantic adventure.

Prince Nicholas is charmed by the enigmatic Miranda, even after she absconds with money she stole from him. Wanting to learn more about her, he gives chase, only to find and lose her again. Duty calls, but he vows to seek out the otherworldly beauty before giving himself over to his royal duties.

Meanwhile, Miranda, a visitor from another time and another place, plans some rest and relaxation with the prince after the completion of her own mission.

But will scheming factions from another world threaten the happiness Miranda and Nicholas might find together?

Miranda’s Travels is a lovely sexy story right from the very beginning. Miranda is travelling with her horse when she comes across a very lovely and very willing stable boy. What she doesn’t know is this is no ordinary stable boy – he’s royalty. I adored the way, when Miranda did find out who he was, she took it in her stride so well. That showed me that she, too, was no ordinary woman.

As the story progresses, both an old and magical world are presented by the author. The scenery is vivid and vibrant, the dialogue is sharp, and the sex…wellm the sex certainly hits the spot!

The hero, Nicholas, is great, and because some of the story is written from his POV you get to see what he is thinking, feeling etc. This is especially pleasing when he is with other characters – I won’t say anymore but it was page-turning!!

“Of all the luck, thought Miranda, a chivalrous stable boy when I just need a good fucking.”

“Adequate? Nicholas was slightly offended. He felt that he had given a fine performance. Perhaps a bit short but she should take that as a compliment.”

“Lick my nipples then lick your way down to my prismry.” Nicholas figured something had been lost in translation, but he got the idea.”

A good short novella with sexy scenes, likeable characters and a new world to immerse yourself in.


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