Monday, 8 August 2011

New Linen by Jaime Samms

Until now, Drew and Garrett have been playing at dominance, but things have to change. Drew is already losing himself to the implacable will of his new Master and they have yet to make anything official. That’s what this weekend is supposed to be about – Garrett making Drew his – unless the memories from Garrett’s past are too strong to let him meet Drew’s ultimatum of the real thing or nothing at all.

Jaime Samms. If you look in the dictionary under Eloquent Writing, you’d no doubt see Ms. Samms' photo there as the complete description of the word. She is indeed one of the most eloquent, gifted authors I’ve read. And I do not say that lightly. It’s a title I bestow with care, and I have to be highly impressed to do so. And with Jaime Samms, I AM impressed.

New Linen is a full-bodied story bound perfectly in twenty-seven pages. As few as the pages may be, the story is beautifully packed with emotion, sensuality and tenderness to fill a Gone with the Wind-sized novel.

The tale is in Drew’s point of view. He is the new submissive to Garrett, whose wife Annabelle died a while back while pregnant. Drew had heard through office grapevine that Garrett had gone a little off the emotional deep end with the death of his wife. Circumstances at a Christmas party brought Drew and Garrett together in a brief sexual dalliance. Though the encounter was brief and hot, Drew and Garrett both knew there was more to it than getting their rocks off.

No more plot. Ha! You thought I was going to tell you the story, didn’t you? I will tell you that New Linen is a Dom/submissive story.

I have not read many BSDM stories, and I’m not sure what to look for in them. But if they are all as personal and beautiful as New Linen, then this reader would love to learn more about the world of Dominance and submission.

Samms’ characters are well fleshed, very human. Somehow she managed to pit Drew’s raging conflict of emotions—excitement for his new lover, anger as he tries to find his comfort zone with the lifestyle, humiliation that goes with this struggle, and an amazing capacity to bend in order to accommodate for the pain of the past that he sees in Garrett—together to make a memorable, lovable character of him. The kind of guy anybody would be lucky to have.

The sex in New Linen is highly sensual, erotic, steamy. And, in her masterful way, Samms didn’t let the erotic steal the show from the emotion. They happily shared the stage.

Last but not least, one of my favorite aspects of the tale is the story behind the title. New Linen. When you read it for yourself, you’ll cry a bit just like me. And then you’ll sigh. A contented, oh, how-I-enjoyed-this sigh.

Look out for Jaime Samms. The woman has a damn strong voice, a gift for the word, and she is going places. Grab your own copy of New Linen. Get a dose of feel-good-in-twenty-seven-pages medicine. I gotta say it again. I LOVE the title. New Linen.

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