Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Obsession by Sally Royer-Derr

After her husband’s tragic accident, Joanna Dresden seeks to rebuild her life. She finds love again in the arms of a much younger man and feels her life moving forward again. She didn’t realize her husband’s death wasn’t an accident, but rather a calculated murder, by a man willing to do anything to be with her. A man she knew well…

Oh my God! Obsession is one creepy-azzed mofo of a book, and I loved it! I’ve had a bit of a break from reviewing, but imagine my happiness when I picked out a book that gave me everything I love about reading. Suspense! Oh yeah, Obsession has it to the max, and I settled down to read, one majorly happy bunny at having to bite my nails and get aerated about the freak, yes, freak, in this book.

Joanna loved her late husband. When he died she was devastated. They had planned such a great life together, and to have it cut short was nothing short of heartbreaking. They were moving away to an exciting new life in California, but someone had other ideas. And, oh boy, what a creepy someone. This point of view was the best! I know I sound a freak in loving the bad-person parts, but I couldn’t help myself. They were edge-of-your-seat madness, I tell you! This person’s thought processes were fascinating and oh so weird that I kinda fell in love with the insane mind. I looked forward to those bits more than anything and admit to having a moment of wondering whether I was just as much of a freak too.

Joanna moves on through her grief with her young daughter, Jilly, who has selective mutism. So, not only does Joanna have to cope with her own grief, she has to cope with that of Jilly, who rarely speaks to anyone but her. It’s a very difficult time, but she begins to pull through and finds love with Rick. He helps her out around the house now that Jared is gone. He’s younger than her, so Joanna knows she has to face people who wouldn’t understand the age gap. It isn’t the same love as she had with Jared, but she wouldn’t want it to be. What she has with Rick is totally new, different in many ways, and so long as she has memories of Jared, she figures she’ll do fine.

Well, she would, but that someone isn’t happy again. He’s nuts and wants Joanna all to himself. Rick also finds himself facing a murder charge. As the tale progresses, sans my fingernails I have to add, it becomes clear that Jared’s death wasn’t an accident at all. To think that someone is so obsessed with another they’d resort to murder had my mind racing as well as my poor little heart.

One day I’ll be the one touching her. (FREAK!)

I didn’t think I’d ever feel like this again.

They never had the true essence of passion and obsession for her running through them like me. (WEIRDO!)

She watched him grab his bag and sign the paper. The buzzer sounded, and he walked out the door to her. His arms were instantly around her, drawing her body close to his. (Ahhh!)

For a read that will get your blood pumping, try Obsession. If you love to hate the bad guy and enjoy seeing how their minds tick, then this is the book for you. A tale of a woman fighting to prove the innocence of her new love and also bring the killer of her late husband to justice, Obsession has it all—murder, deceit, tricks and insanity. Loved it!

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Heather Haven said...

Boy, if this review doesn't increase the sale of this book nothing will! What a fab review! It makes you want to get a copy and hide out for the weekend somewhere. Way to go! Ride, Sally, ride!