Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Veiled Seduction by Alcamia Payne

What is the secret of elegant Constanzia Pryce, the Victorian woman who always wears a long veil, and shrouds her face in mystery? When Michael Weston falls in love and lust with Constanzia he soon wants to find out. However obstinate Constanzia is determined Michael will love her for more than her looks, and against his will Michael soon becomes entangled in fetishistic sexual fantasies about his mysterious veiled lover.

What lies beneath that seductive black lace? Will Constanzia fulfil his wildest sexual desires? Michael is soon to find out that seduction is not always just about a pretty face.

Veiled Seduction is a short story about Constanzia, who, although not a widow, always likes to wear a black veil, like seriously, always, all the time – even in bed. Not the same veil, she has quite a collection, some heavier and thicker than others.

Michael, the hero of the book, becomes quite obsessed with Constanzia, and her veils seem to be the central point of his lusty thoughts. He likes that they give the illusion of beauty, an air of mystery and most of all he likes the thought of the veil rubbing on certain parts of his anatomy.

She is barely visible through the veil, but despite this they date: out for dinner, the opera, walks in Kew Gardens. They get to know one another, fall for one another, and all without him ever seeing her face.

Veiled Seduction is a sweet story that is woven with some nicely written, dark erotic undercurrents. The characters are well defined, though a few times the story moves ahead a little quickly, but hey, it never claims to be an epic.

The fine black lace ribbon Michael buys himself after their walk in Kew Gardens – Mmm, very sexy.

“What did you think? That the veiled woman was a trembling virgin?”

“How fabulous it would be to be fucked by that veil, that sensory glove, maybe even more compelling than a woman’s sex-wet quim.”

An unusual little story which races along and has some really spicy, and quite unique lines of prose and dialogue. If you want to try something a little different, without going down a really heavy route, then try Veiled Seduction on for size.

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