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Article: The Boys Have Their Say by Liz Crowe

The Boys Have Their Say.
The Men in Erin’s life on…Erin.

Liz Crowe

Wow, what a handsome group we have here today. Take a seat, gentlemen, and let’s get started.

Um, seriously guys, just pick a chair, okay. NO need for all that…all right YOU blonde, over there and YOU, tall guy, over here and…why thank you I will take a beer.

Now, about Erin.
general male grumbles
Ahem, gentlemen, please, this is getting nowhere. Just let me ask some questions.

First you, Bradley, as Erin’s ex-husband. Why don’t you tell us how you met?

Bradley shoots his French cuffs, straightens a perfectly straight tie and leans forward. Let me tell you kids, his eyes are mesmerizing. When he speaks, imagine smooth Southern Matthew McConaughey only cuter.

BRADLEY JEFFERSON: Well, I met Erin in college, at Vanderbilt. She was a freshman and I was a sophomore. I fell in love with her immediately. But she played hard to get for 2 years. chuckles At least “hard to get at her heart,” if you know what I mean. Whew. She was a real firecracker in the sack. Leans back and stares at Trent who is glaring at him before turning that 100 watt smile back onto me.
Erin was the most beautiful, generous, caring, sexy woman I ever knew. Still is, really…

TRENT FRANKLIN: mumbling just loud enough for all to hear
You have got one shitty way of showing it, pal.
Bradley stiffens and turns to Trent.

BRADLEY: Franklin, you have no idea what I went though, okay. So just back the hell off.

TRENT: No, Jefferson, I don’t. But I know very well what SHE went through once you decided to pork the office girl. Leans back, not rising to Bradley’s body language bait

BRADLEY: Yeah, whatever. You guys were practically living together at that fucking brewery by then anyways.
Trent starts to stand. Owen Maxwell, his business partner and friend steps between them. I just watch, fascinated, having never seen so much testosterone floating around in one room before.

OWEN MAXWELL: He’s not worth the trouble, dude. Just let it be.

INTERVIEWER: Well, that got us started off…strangely. Let’s go in a different direction. Jeff, you are an employee right? You are the Brew master? The very fit blonde man looks at me. His gaze is a little closed.

JEFF THORNTON: Yes, I am. I am from Ann Arbor but spent five years in Munich, then five more out on the West coast, as second brewer for a big company. Now I’m here. He throws Owen what can only be called an inscrutable look. Hot, ladies and gents, is what THAT is. One wonders about those two. Owen just glares at him.
I got to know Erin at a beer festival the first weekend I worked for the company. It was, intense. Interviewer feels her thighs soften observing Jeff continue to stare at his boss.

INTERVIEWER: Okay…..so, Landon, tell me how you met Erin.
Landon Hannover is a tall, bald, deeply tanned guy with expressive dark eyes as he speaks about the woman in question.

LANDON HANNOVER: At a beer conference on the west coast. But we had been talking for months already. She was all I had hoped for, and more.
Now all eyes are on him, and if looks could kill the man would be laid out ten times over. I’ve decided to stay in the area. Bought a condo downtown. My business is all travel anyway so “home” is relative. I want my home to be here.

Owen scoffs.

INTERVIEWER: So Owen, you are her other business partner. What is your relationship besides that?
Owen looks startled at the question and runs a hand over his stubbled jaw. Interviewer attempts to NOT reach out and touch his full lower lip.

OWEN MAXWELL: We are friends and partners and…lovers. But I’m trying hard to make her understand I don’t want to take advantage of her right now. She has had a shit year Owen glares at ex-hubby and Jeff. I love her. I want her to be happy, not pressured to act in ways she’s not ready to act.

Jeff coughs and says “pussy” at the same time. Owen reaches for him. They share a look that is positively knee weakening. Interviewer continues to wonder about them…It’s Trent’s turn to break up a near-fist fight.

Back to you Trent. Interviewer fans self. You’ve known Erin the longest right?

TRENT FRANKLIN: Sits, keeping a sharp eye on Owen and Jeff Yeah. We um, dated in high school. She was incredible then. I wish I hadn’t been so stupid and let her go. But I did. Now, she’s back in our lives, thank God because she’s made this brewery a success.

INTERVIEWER: You guys dated? Really?

TRENT: chuckles well, “dating” is probably not the right word. “Hooked Up” the summer between high school and college—and didn’t leave each other’s side the entire time. We learned a lot about each other that year. glances at Bradley I guess we both lost our chance with her, eh Jefferson. Bradley nods, his eyes remorseful. Now, we’re friends again, and I’m glad. But all you assholes had better get it together, figure out who REALLY loves her and stop fucking around or me and the ex here are gonna kick some asses.

LANDON HANNOVER: We all love her Trent. That’s why we’re here with this lovely interviewer. To plead our cases. He turns his dark gaze to yours truly, who’s still drooling over the 2 men she’s lost and the 3 she might have.
I love her too. I told her already. She has me, him points at Owen or him gestures to Jeff. She has to choose.

So there you have it folks, the men in Erin Brady’s life, having their say.

The Tap Room, a choose your romance novel, will be released September 30 from Breathless Press.



Erin Brady is having a seriously bad year.

Her Alpha banker husband, Bradley, has left, claiming she pays more attention to her microbrewery than to him and their two sons.

One business partner, Trent, is trying to remain “just a friend.”

Their amazing success has demanded they hire a new brewer, Jeff, who takes one look at his new boss and is determined to be something more than an employee.

The daily stresses of running a small business, plus the ongoing turmoil in her personal life are more than she can take. Escaping to California for an industry event, she meets Landon, a brewery rock star turned consultant who has been watching her company--and her--for a while.

When family trauma requires an early return to Michigan, Erin is faced with even harder realities plus a thoroughly contrite Bradley, wishing for a reunion. Then, the ultimate sign of success: a buy out offer is tendered from a much larger brewery, just as the owners of Winter Street Brewing are about to be honored by Inc. Magazine as Top Entrepreneurs.

Finally, Erin turns to her other partner, Owen, who has watched the woman he loves suffer long enough and is determined to step in and be the one. But will he be too late?


Owen Maxwell: Gamma male business partner: think “Hollister Model crossed with soccer player who brews beer and teacher honors high school English.” Yep.

Jeff Thornton: The Young Alpha brewer: licensed physical therapist, masseuse, personal trainer and German-trained Brew Master. Blond haired, green eyed, perfect physical specimen—and he knows it, but with an eye for the boss lady.

Landon Hannover: Older Damaged Alpha: Has opened and sold 2 breweries, written 4 books on the subject, is constantly travelling as consultant and has was told by his wife of twenty years he’s a selfish jerk as she left with her yoga instructor.

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Liz said...

thanks for letting The Boys speak (or fight, whatever.)

wlynnchantale said...

Great, great interview. I'm still laughing. What a dilemma poor Erin has. I can't wait to read this Liz.

Liz said...

thanks babe.

Nina Pierce said...

Oh, so many choices ... not sure how you managed to wrangle all those men in one room, Liz, but thanks for making the sacrifice. LOL!

And to be in Erin's shoes ... *sigh*

Liz said...

thanks Nina....yeah, it's quite the dilemma--it's why I'm letting readers choose (so I don't have to!)

Jessica Subject said...

A fabulous interview! Makes me want to read this book even more. ;) Such a great idea. All the best with the release! :)

Liz said...

Thanks Jessica!

Kathleen said...

Loved the interview, Liz! I already have my eye on the one I would choose for Erin. I won't tell:)

I need to read the book first!