Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Bit of Rough by Lucy Felthouse

When Alison meets Andrew ("call me Drew"), she instantly pegs him as a moron. He's a total bad boy and does nothing but chain smoke and brag about his stream of past conquests. Yet, much to her confusion, Alison still finds herself attracted to him. She's not had sex in a while, so Alison figures there's no harm in going home with him to get herself a bit of rough.

Phew! Sex, sex and more sex, just my thing! A Bit of Rough by Ms Felthouse is a rollercoaster ride of naughtiness and I urge you to hop on and enjoy.

It’s written in the first person, which I always enjoy, it’s so intimate, and makes Alison’s lusty motivations all the more real as she has a night of true harlot style fun.

Andrew is bad, Alison shouldn’t want that kind of man. But like any hot blooded woman knows, it’s the bad boys, the ones whose eyes smolder with sin, that really show up with the goods when it comes to getting naked, sweaty and downright dirty. Who could blame her for taking what she wanted, he was just too irresistible for all the wrong reasons!

“He was the guy you never introduced to your friend and certainly not to your parents. You kept him completely under wraps – preferably between the sheets – and enjoyed.”

“That’s why I’m going home with him. I’m horny, he’s gorgeous and I reckon he’ll be a great lay.”

That tribal tattoo! *pant*

“In a move that would have impressed a porn star…..”

If you are looking for a seriously sexy book that will have you squirming and flushing, gasping and plotting your own night of fun, then check out A Bit of Rough. You won’t be disappointed.

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