Thursday, 15 September 2011

Deceived by Desire by Larissa Lyons

A whore without any whoring credentials? Laney’s convinced she can pretend well enough, after all, she’s pretended to be a mistress for years.

Cursed into the form of a lion without nightly sex, Nash Hammond wants only two things—his wenches wild and willing, and his liquor strong and smooth. What he doesn’t need is a virgin! Only problem is, Nash develops an affinity for the deceitful Laney—the “whore” who gives a man reason to hope.

Deceived by Desire is a fantastic read! From the moment I set eyes on Nash, I fell in love with him, mainly because he didn’t appear as a proper gentleman should. He was dishevelled, rough around the edges, and completely uncomfortable at having to share a coach with several other people. Larissa Lyons took me right into that coach, where I sat with everyone else and watched what was going on with great interest.

Nash has guilt on his mind after his interaction with his brother’s woman (you can find all about that HERE in Ensnared by Innocence, another fab read). Laney has a mission in mind as she sits opposite Nash—to escape the fate her visions have shown her. If she doesn’t get away from who she’s with (a horrible man named Reginald), she’ll end up dead. Reginald “owns” her, and only because his brother suggested it so Reginald could get Laney pregnant and disprove the rumours that he’s gay.

Nash is her escape route. After their wonderful interaction inside the coach, where they are attracted to one another yet mentally pick faults and find things they like about each another (which is hilarious), they stop at an inn. Laney takes the place of a whore Nash had ordered to visit his room and proceeds to do whoreish things in an attempt to seduce him.

I enjoyed this book so much that each time I had to stop reading I thought about everyone and what they could be doing next. I can still see the coach ride, the things that happened at the inn, Reginald making a complete arse of himself by drinking too much—and his bloody hat!!—and acting as though the world owed him a huge favour, and I think this set of characters will pop back into my head from time to time in the future. They are not easily forgotten because of their vibrancy on the page.

Larissa Lyons has a way about her where she combines humour, love and sex and produces a brand of writing that stands out as unique to me. There’s a sauciness going on, where the characters bounce off one another via dialogue and actions that I haven’t found anywhere else using the combination of wit and cheekiness Ms Lyons employs.

And to think, I bought our Sunday ham! (LOL)


“Stop staring.” (LMAO!)

“Remove your hat.”

…positive now that the veiled princess had attics… (LOL)

Nash had always considered himself more of a bum and beard man… (BEARD!!! Haaaa!)

Spider-hating female.

There. That sounded whorish enough.

“You soddin’ beard splitter!…” (Hahahahahahaha!)

The goose to peck a few ankles.

…or did you leave your manners in my muff… (LOL)

…only made the crap burn hotter.

“My bird, you rotten…tit killer!” (Hahahahaaaaaaa!)


Who knew that one’s bum could be used for such a thing?

Good God Almighty. He was never drinking anything other than ale for the rest of his life.

…little eight-legged bugger…

…I’m talking about us rubbing bellies…

I can honestly say, from the beginning of this book until the end, there wasn’t one thing I disliked. It was all fantastic, and I can only hope Ms Lyons continues to produce work like this for some time to come. Her books have made me laugh, be happy, and I honestly can’t imagine not having her on my Regency auto-buy list now. It was a bright day when I picked up one of her books and began to read. I thought, “How the hell did I miss this author? Why haven’t I spotted her before?” Don’t belong to that group, people! Discover Larissa Lyons and her Regencies today!

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