Friday, 16 September 2011

His at Last by Brenna Zinn (Review #2)

For ten long years, Carter Lang’s secret desire for Leslie Brighten burned relentlessly. His secretary and fifteen years his junior, Leslie was off limits—a potential liability Carter refused to chance. But on the day of his early retirement, Carter discovers Leslie in an erotic situation that not only changes his mind about pursuing the beautiful object of his intense passion, it will change his life forever.

His at Last was one of those reads where I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked it up. The cover is smokin’ hot and the blurb drew me in, and by the time I had read the first chapter, all I can say is I was hooked!!

Carter is a great hero. I adored the sexy, distinguished qualities about him, and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the first 3rd of the book is in his POV. It made it all the more sumptuous when Leslie took over and I began to understand the rationale for her actions.

Leslie is sweet and just a little bit desperate, which worked incredibly well in her favour; it meant she was happy to go all out to get what she wanted. I was rooting for her and admired her balls. She was incredibly confident physically but not so much emotionally. It was a nice contrast.

Ms Zinn certainly has a knack for sex scenes. They were hot enough to bring a flush to my cheeks and have me reaching for a glass of water. Raunchy, rude, inventive, proactive and damn good page turners!

“The unexpected erotic sight stole his breath” – yeah, it got me too, not what I had been expecting!

“If someone had told her Carter Lang would one day run his hand up her dress with over two hundred people watching, Leslie never would have believed the prediction.”

“A small bead of perspiration trickled over the sexy crinkles around the corner of Carter’s eye…” Yay, wrinkles are so sexy!

The sheer number of toys – Wow, they could start their own shop!

A hot and sexy read, with lovely dialogue, great characters and written in a fresh and easy to read style. I highly recommend His At Last.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the kind review. I'm thrilled that you liked my story, especially my hero. I loved him, too. Brenna