Friday, 23 September 2011

His Trick, Her Treat by RJ Fury

Tracy Edmonds is taking her niece, Evelyn, trick or treating when they happen upon the house of the hunky new guy at work, Reed.

Despite Tracy’s drab costume - her third year as Harry Potter in a row - Reed asks Tracy back to his place later for a costume party. Tracy’s sister, Carol, realizes that Harry Potter take three won’t do, so instead, she whips up a sexy little French maid costume just perfect for a more grown up atmosphere.

But when Tracy shows up for the party, all she gets is Reed wearing a sheet, his little party nothing more than a ruse. But Tracy isn’t going to let that get in the way of her holiday fun. Since he tricked her, it’s time for a treat.

His Trick, Her Treat was one of the better Halloween reads I’ve read in a long time. Nothing to do with horror but certainly a wonderful yet sinful twist on the trick-or-treat theme. This was certainly a treat to read.

Carol looked at her and smirked. “Oh, I bet you’d like to put him on the spot.” Then, whispering so Evelyn wouldn’t hear, Carol added viciously, “More like, the G-spot!”

He smirked, leaning back some more, and said, “You know Tracy, it’s the craziest thing. The minute you left, every single person called and canceled. It’s totally… bizarre!”

A quick short story based around Halloween that will have you curling your toes for an entirely different reason.

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