Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Last Man Standing by Kacey Hammell

For over a decade Jazz has carried the wounds of a broken heart thanks to her high school sweetheart. But since she turned thirty, her heart and body have raced for her best friend. In a moment of passion and uncontrolled desire, she realizes her friendship with Ryder could be in jeopardy. Their friendship comes first, though, and she plans to ignore her body's desires.

When her ex drops back into her life, Jazz is thrilled, scared, and eager to show the man who broke her heart just what he's been missing. She's struck speechless, however, after sharing a heated moment in her office with him, Ryder throws down the gauntlet and confesses that he's always loved her.

And he vows he won t let her go

Last man standing was a wonderful read which was not only sexy and erotic but also incredibly lovely. I was surprised by how quickly I was drawn into the plot and I have to say I was instantly on Ryder’s side. I was practically screaming at the book when she decided to meet up with Scott Price. Having said that I understood and related with Jazz and her need to put the past to bed. To get her answers to questions she’s had at the back of her mind for years.

He’d rather they continue to be friends than not have her in his life at all.

God, he’s gorgeous.
“What are you thinking about, Jazz? You have this dreamy look on your face.”

“No. I’m not done. You’re everything a man could want in his woman. Strong, fun, passionate, beautiful and caring. He was a fool.”

A fun and delightful read, showing a woman, who needs to understand her past in order to move on with her future. It may have you a little annoyed at some point but Kacey Hammell redeems everything. Loved it.

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KaceyHammell said...

Thank you for the great review & for your time, Miz Love! Glad you liked LMS.
I truly appreciate it.