Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Leo Licked by Tammy Valentine

Twelve star signs, four friends, one extraordinary year. When Izzy lands a job photographing a top rock band, her sexual experiment leads her into uncharted territory—as a groupie. But with a shock in store from the charismatic guitarist, will the future of the Zodiac Club be thrown into question?

I really do enjoy Ms Valentine’s sense of humour. Leo Licked contains some funny lines that come at just the right time. Her writing style also suits me, and I have no trouble imagining the scenes. It’s like an effortless read, where everything falls into place in my mind and I can just lay back, relax, and enjoy the ride (pun totally intended).

This ride was an enjoyable one, with Izzy in yet another situation where she had to think fast and make snap decisions. Because Izzy is dating different men, each with different star signs, she gets to see the variances between those star signs and can determine which traits she likes from each one. I love her indecision, where at times she doesn’t know which route to take but usually ends up taking the most risqué ones despite her inner voice butting in. It makes for a fun and interesting read.

It took just two more dates to realize she wasn’t fine.

…in that moment, he looked as if he were suffering a sheer heart attack all of his own…

“Come and have a private session, if you like.”

“Now fuck off, will you?”

“Now, you fucker! Do it now!”

The dialogue in this one was an utter joy, and the escapade Izzy finds herself on is exciting. The books I’ve read from this series so far have all been great. I recommend this series, where you could buy them all and read them one after the other without getting bored or needing a break, or pick them up every so often when you have a free hour or so on your hands. What better way to fill that hour than with a Tammy Valentine book?

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