Monday, 19 September 2011

Nowhere to Hide by J.P. Bowie

An American doctor meets an Australian soldier in the wilderness of Darfur, and soon their passion burns hotter than the desert sun.

Doctor Mark Hamilton working for Doctors Who Care International and stationed at a refugee clinic in Darfur, never thought he'd meet and fall in love with someone like Sergeant Major Jack -Boomer- Caruthers in the middle of the strife torn territory—nor could he ever imagine being sold as a sex slave to an exiled Prince!

Fortunately for Mark, it's Jack to the rescue. The two men make a daring escape into the desert and are picked up by Jack's team, but Mark ignores Jack's warning not to return to the clinic, with dire results.

Once again made captive by the slave traders, Mark can only cling to the hope that Jack's love for him is strong enough to face the dangers he will encounter in the vast deserts of Somalia.

Why do I always pick the books that make me bite my nails, hmm? The tension is rife in Nowhere to Hide, with a sleaze bag prince who thinks it’s all right to kidnap one of our main characters to use him as a sex slave. The prince isn’t exactly stud material, so I got a dose of the creeps on a few occasions imagining him touching our man in ways only Jack should touch him.

The intense feelings that spring up between Mark and Jack are totally understandable in the circumstances. War makes for a different perspective, with only the possibility of being alive until tomorrow—thinking beyond that isn’t under consideration with the perils that wait around every corner. Our two men grab the chance at happiness, and together they make a great pair. Jack’s devotion to Mark is shown very well when Mark is taken by the prince’s men, and Jack will do whatever it takes to save him.

So, be prepared for swings and roundabouts on the emotion front, because on the one hand you have the burgeoning relationship that makes you all warm inside, and on the other you have the tense scenes of kidnaps, gunfire and our two wonderful guys being separated, and if I had three hands, I could say you also have the funny lines and great wit. Just pretend I have three hands, yeah? *wink*

If this Fucker, or whatever his name is…

“No thanks. Have you smelled them?”


“Bloody hell,” Jack said, laughing. “Who writes your dialogue, mate?…”

Tense, funny, heartwarming. If you enjoy a book where the scenes come to life in your head so well you imagine you’re right there dodging bullets and getting hot under the collar, then Nowhere to Hide is a great book to pick up. Jack’s Australian dialogue made me smile, and Mark’s turnaround from living a life of only caring about himself to caring for everyone but himself was a joy to read about.

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