Monday, 26 September 2011

Temporary Spy by Lynne Connolly

Lover to spy to lover

When Beth goes to work for millionaire architect Finlay Scott, she has an ulterior motive. She’s a spy. But she’s a spy at Finlay’s request. They have history that neither have forgotten, but instead of ending their relationship, they rekindle it.

Unable to resist the sheer magnetic pull, Beth and Finlay plunge into a torrid after hours affair, but Beth is still determined to walk away at the end of the assignment. Can Finlay persuade her otherwise?

Beth’s working as a spy for Finlay, disguised as a temp. Finlay’s PA, Joy, seems to think Finlay will fall for her if she only tries hard enough, but Beth knows Finlay better than Joy thinks—he won’t be falling for Joy any time soon. Beth and Finlay have a past, one that quickly comes flying back once they’re working together. Finlay had thought about Beth many times since he last saw her, and once he realises she’s the spy he employed, his libido takes over.

Beth intends to do her job and get back to her regularly scheduled life. Being with Finlay changes everything, though, and she knows she’ll struggle to say goodbye again. With Joy constantly in the picture at work, with her outfits that leave nothing to the imagination in her attempt to ensnare Finlay, I found myself disliking her immensely, not just because she’s a sly one, but in sympathy for Beth and Finlay too.

However, no book is complete without the irritation getting his or her comeuppance, and once Beth’s investigation is complete, Joy realises Finlay is so far out of her reach she may as well live on the other side of the world. I loved disliking her—it’s easy, she’s a cow!—and loved the will-they won’t-they between Finlay and Beth.

Puppies in a sack…

“You can go home, Joy. I’ll see you in the morning.” (Yes, Joy, go home!)

…the ironwork painted dark brown and the woodwork white. (Really saw this.)

“…they could be made of one-way glass…”

An excellent contemporary read from Lynne Connolly, with her wonderful trademark of making you hate a character and really care for the mains. Anyone who poses a threat to the mains in Ms Connolly’s books gets me quite annoyed, because I find myself investing a lot of care in them and thinking, “Hurt them and you hurt me!” Bizarre the way that happens, but happen it does!

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