Monday, 19 September 2011

Temporary Trouble by Paige Turner

When jokes in work time turn into serious playtime.

For Ben and Aaron, bored of the same old temping assignments, playing practical jokes makes the job a bit less boring and keeps them out of more serious trouble. That is, until their female boss catches Ben on the photocopier with his trousers down, and sees the sexual tension the boys haven’t quite admitted to themselves.

A good boss has to discipline her staff, and Ben has been a very naughty boy indeed. And what better job for her other temporary office boy, Aaron, than to help her administer the punishment Ben deserves?

Reader Advisory: This book shows naughty boys having their bottoms warmed and exploring each other’s sweet spots.

What a delightfully funny book! Ben and Aaron are naughty boys. Friends who also work together, they visit different workplaces when the temping agency they’re registered with sends them there. They may be there a week or even a month, but at each place they play pranks and act the fools in order to get them through their working days.

When Tanya, their current boss, catches one of them in a position he hadn’t intended being caught in, the two men wonder if their capering days are over. They knew it was inevitable they’d be discovered as the pranksters at some point, just not yet. They await a serious reprimand and the order to leave the premises—and what if Tanya tells the temping agency about what she saw? They’d be out of jobs so fast their feet wouldn’t touch the ground.

What Tanya proposes shocks Ben and Aaron, but they’re not going to turn her offer down. After all, Tanya is hot stuff, and with all three of them involved together, it gives the two men a chance to explore a side of their own relationship they’d so far never acknowledged out loud.

“And set all the computers to autocorrect ‘report’ to ‘genitals’.”

…she had a dark suspicion a cat had been involved somewhere in its production.

…because all the speed dials on her office phone put her through to the pizza place.

Temporary Trouble is hot, funny, and very well written. I enjoyed it one hell of a lot and look forward to more titles from Ms Turner. Something tells me she’s an author to watch out for in the future, so I’ll be here, watching, waiting to see if my prediction is correct: that she’ll wow us with more works and stick around for a long time to come. Well worth the read. Ben and Aaron are adorable—I dare you to dislike them!

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Paige Turner said...

Thank you, Miz Vamp, for the lovely review! Authors love Miz Love and Crew :-)

Paige x