Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Interview: Larriane AKA Larion Wills

Hiya! Wonderful to have you here at Miz Love! What do you like most about writing?

Sometimes I think what I like the most is just getting it out of my head. I mean the stories really nag at me, dominate my thoughts when I can't be writing and my time when I can until I get them down.

How does writing make you feel?

Happy, glad, sad, satisfied, it all depends on how my characters are feeling and how near I am to done.

Do you have any quirks, like needing lots of coffee on hand?

Quirks? Me? Never. I consider my habits perfectly normal. I line up all my necessities on the table at the end of the couch, soft drinks with caffeine, not coffee, and the phone in reach even though I hate to distract myself by answering it. I admit I sometimes don't. I have caller ID. When hubby's home, he gets phone duty. It's usually for him anyway. I moved to the living room when I got my first laptop. Hubby started to feel like he lived here alone. Poor baby, he's so tolerant. Now he doesn't have to go to the other room to have me signal him 'just a minute' or to stare dumbly at him while he talks, trying to listen but still with my head holding on to my train of thought. During a family gathering one time I heard, "She's either mad about something or got a story in her head." It was a story, really. I glare when I'm mad.

Do you write best at night or during the day?

Night time is the most productive for me. There are so many fewer interruptions. No meals to fix, phone calls to answer. Now if I could just train my dogs to hold it longer.

How often do you get to write?

I don't work outside the home, so when I'm not editing, I write full time. My hat is off to those writers who hold down full time outside jobs and still write productively. When I worked outside, it seemed like one night I wrote new stuff, the next I rewrote it, the next new, the next rewrote. I did get some done, but it seemed to take forever.

What is your favourite book that you've written so far?

That is so hard to say. I think some are better than others, but each are my babies. It's hard to have a real favorite, but I'd tend toward It's Still Tomorrow if I really had to chose as the one I had the most fun writing.

When did you start writing?

I think I was about 23 when I finally went from having them running through my head to putting the stories on paper. Until then the only one who hear my stories was me.

Which of your characters holds a special place in your heart?

That's as hard to answer as which is my favorite book. I fall in love with the heroes and want to be the heroins every time.

How do you feel when your cover arrives?

Proud when that final cover is done. I've had some very talented artists who have given me some great ones.

Do you have beta readers?

Oh, yes, friends and a critique group that help me pick out the weaknesses.

Plotter or pantster?

Pantster, no doubt. No wait, I do have it all pretty much planned out before I start actually putting it down. Does that make me a plotting pantster?

I know I don't do the outline thing, write out characters, descriptions and all that kind of thing. I just start writing the story as it's developed in my head, writing myself lots of little notes.

What books do you have in store for us future readers?

I do have a few coming out under both names. I use Larriane for science fiction and fantasy while Larion is for all the others.

Nov 2011-Tarbet, a western, MuseItUp Publishing
Feb 2012-Traps, contemporary suspense, MuseItUp Publishing and
Mourning Meadow, contemporary suspense, Secret Craving Publishing
May 2012-Mark of the Sire, western, MuseItUp Publishing
Aug 2012-Bonds of Time, science fiction, MuseItUp Publishing
Nov 2012-Bastards of Ran, science fiction, MuseItUp Publishing

And I am working on more. Those all have romance elements, btw.

If money was no object, where would you go, who with, and why?

Greece, I think. The history and culture have always fascinated me. I'd just have to take hubby. He's put up with me all these years and he deserves a nice vacation.

Fave TV star--one that gets you hot under the collar?

David of Dark Angel and Bones. I'd tell you his last name, but I don't know how to spell it. I'm sure the readers that watch TV know who I mean. Wait, wait, just let me check with the guide here......David Boreanaz. There, aren't I clever. NOT. Then again, I like Timothy Olyphant also. See I brought the guide up first so I could spell that one. They're really opposites. David is so laid back and Timothy is so intense and both are so good-looking.

Timothy Olyphant. SWOON! Nuff said. Thank you so much for being here with us today, we've enjoyed having you!


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