Friday, 21 October 2011

Last Chance, My Love by Lynne Connolly

What if you’re in love – but you can’t make love?

Book One of the Triple Countess series.

Miranda and Daniel, Earl and Countess of Rosington are deeply in love. However, Miranda contacted a severe fever in childbirth, leaving her with a high risk of dying should she conceive again. Daniel can’t bear the thought of losing his wife and treats her like a porcelain doll, not a real woman.

Distraught, Miranda turns to her brother in law Orlando for advice. Together they concoct a plan that will bring Daniel to his senses, and soon Daniel finds himself on the losing end of a wager. Miranda and Daniel must pose as a simple innkeeper and his wife, working together to save a failing business.

Forced into sharing a bed, searing desire threatens to ruin Daniel’s good intentions. Daniel will have to overcome his fear of his wife dying, and Miranda must overcome her inhibitions, to seduce Daniel.

Can Daniel and Miranda give in to their love and save their marriage? Find out by reading the first book in the new Triple Countess series from Lynne Connolly!

Miranda and Daniel had an arranged marriage. They liked one another well enough, grew to love one another, so that wasn’t a problem, but they’d never really got the chance to enjoy one another—or get to know one another at a very deep level—before life took a drastic turn, ensuring Miranda got childbed fever. Her doctor made it clear marital relations were off the menu, and the couple drifted apart.

When Miranda sees Daniel with another woman—one she fears will become his mistress—she realises she cares more deeply for him than she’d thought. His brother, Orlando, knowing how upset Miranda is, offers Daniel a wager, one he can’t refuse. It means Miranda and Daniel going to Orlando’s inn and working to turn it around into a reputable business. Husband and wife are unsure they can do it—and whether they can rekindle the one night of true passion they’ve ever shared.

As they become close again—you’ll cheer; these two really get to you—things going on at the inn bring a level of the intrigue, suspense and tense feelings I’ve come to adore with Ms Connolly’s historical books. There’s always a baddie who never fails to make me sick—I love hating them!—and there’s always a fantastic plot and wonderful imagery to keep me turning the pages.

I LOVE Ms Connolly’s historical work. I know I've said this countless times before, but it needs repeating again and again so other people can fall in love with her books too. I can cope for a few weeks without reading one of them, but then The Urge gets me and I have to request a new book. They have all been in a series so far, so once I start one I know I’ll have a feast before me with the books that follow. I have NEVER been disappointed by any of her books, and she is up there with my Fave of All Time Authors. I recommend her to anyone who will listen! An absolutely perfect book for a perfect reader’s getaway.

He spun back to her on one high heel. (Husband: “Are you reading one of those books by that lady again?”

Me: “Yes.”

Husband: “Thought so.”

Me: “Why?”

Husband: “Because you never answer me when I speak to you.”)

…the marks of his fingers easily apparent on its furry surface. (This is regarding a peach. In every book you’ll find an image so startling, so real, it’s like it’s right before you. Amazing.)

“Romantic!” Spit sprayed. (Hate factor 100!)

…who knew the man underneath was all she ever wanted to see.

Whisk yourself away to the inn with Miranda, Daniel and a cast of fabulous characters who you’ll fall in love with. Delightful, perfect, rich in images and wonderful writing. I can still see the inn, the state of it when they arrived and also the transformation. The despicable baddie seriously needed a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, his wife needed a dose of wake up and smell the coffee, and their daughter needs a medal for growing up into such a fine young lady despite the odds being stacked against her. And the grandmother—oh, she was superb. So many characters, all bloody great, as usual. Big sigh of contentment here. Now, onto book 2!

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