Monday, 31 October 2011

Mistress in the Making by Lynne Silver

When genteel poverty strikes Lady Charlotte’s family, the innocent virgin puts herself on the auction block at Madame Bella’s school for mistresses in a desperate bid to provide a Season for her younger sisters. For her plan to succeed, she must show auction winner, Lucas Morgan, what a valuable prize he’s won. Morgan may have only bid on her to thwart his hated twin brother, but she’s going to prove she’s worth every pound.

Mistress in the Making is very different from your classic Regency historical romance. I found this book refreshing, and Lynne Silver manages to make the story enjoyable as well as believable. The erotic aspects were frequent but enhanced the relationship between the characters rather than just be sex for sex’s sake. This book has such a lovely ending and one of the best proposal scenes ever—at least to me, it was.

The whole book on this one, between the dialogue and description, I don’t want to spoil anything.

Overall an excellent short novel that is different from all the others Regencies I’ve read. Highly recommended and one that is certainly a keeper.

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Lynne Silver said...

Thank you for the lovely review. Made my day!