Thursday, 6 October 2011

Plays Well with Others (Daly Way Book 2) by Brynn Paulin

Paisley Szuzman came to the Laurel Ridge Ranch in Daly, Wyoming to interview for an administrative position, but she’s shocked, and secretly aroused, to find that the job might entail more than she envisioned. Anyone filling this spot must meet the criteria of plays well with others, and the “others” are the men on the ranch— four hunky cowboys who are pure, rugged temptation. Adventurous to the core, Paisley takes the challenge and finds more in store for her than she ever imagined.

Plays well With Others is the second book in the Daly Way series, and again I was left wanting to move to Daly. These men are so hot and possessive I never want the books to end. The romance and lust are short, but the way in which Brynn Paulin writes the romance it is very believable within the context of the story. A recommended read and a fantastic second book in this series.

“Brant,” Ace called as his long, mouthwatering legs took him into the barn.
She heard a muffled oof, just as she entered, then her eyes adjusted to the change in light and went wide at the sight before her. A man… She swallowed. A dark-haired man as tall and as wide as Ace had him pinned to the wall, his hand fisted in Ace’s shirt as he kissed him. Hard.
She blinked. Staring. Then trying not to stare. Then looking back again because, sweet heaven, they were a beautiful sight together.
“Brant,” Ace growled when his lips were free but still against the other man’s. “We’re not alone.”
“It’s no big secret,” Brant laughed. “Seth and Tai—”
“It’s not them,” Ace interrupted.

A must read. Fun, enjoyable and erotic, looking forward to book three.

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