Monday, 17 October 2011

Sins of the Father by Jaid Black

Candy Morgan has always felt badly about the fact that her father duped and then fired his former protégée, James Douglas Mahoney III. Worse yet, she knows that JD has always believed her to be a part of the conspiracy to get rid of him.

When JD comes to power during a hostile takeover of Morgan Chemicals, Candy realizes he will want revenge against her family so she prepares herself to be ousted from the company. But much to her surprise, JD doesn't oust her. Instead, he wants his vendetta against the Morgans settled in an entirely different fashion, in a way Candy never could have imagined in her wildest, most wicked dream...

Sins of the Father was released several years ago but it is well worth getting back out and reading again. This is one of the quick reads by Jaid Black and Sins of the Father does not disappoint. I started off disliking the hero in this story but once you get past his bad attitude and bossy exterior you see he really does love and want Candy all to himself and I’m a sucker for a man in love.

If you want hot, sexy scenes mixed with some serious romance look back at Sins of the Father.

JD’s calculating eyes flicked down once more, grazing over her body. “You will fuck me as often as I want and however I want it. You will cater to my every whim and fulfill my every perverted fantasy.”
Her body responded to his words, becoming aroused against her volition.
“You will bear as many of my children as I say. You will behave as I say. You will never touch nor look at another man in a sexual way.” His gaze shot up to penetrate hers. “I will own you,” he muttered, “completely.”
She swallowed roughly, her eyes wide.
“Give me your decision, Miss Morgan.” His jaw was firm, his eyes harsh. “The clock—and my patience—is ticking.”

A quick read which will leave you hot and wanting more. Great stuff.

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