Monday, 14 November 2011

All He Wants by Emily Ryan-Davis

Marine Captain Keith Moss is home for the holidays and all he wants for Christmas is his best friend’s sister, Telly Johnson…and her belly. Her pregnancy is his new obsession.

When he discovers Telly’s body is easier to coerce than her heart, Keith finds himself facing the hardest mission of his life—convincing her to say yes.

Because, despite his enjoyment of her hormonally boosted sex drive, Keith needs more than a casual lover. He’s ready for a future and a family, and both involve claiming Telly—and the baby—as his own.

This story is dominated by Telly Johnson’s pregnancy, and in truth, Keith’s obsession with her. He adores her and wishes the baby within her was his. It was amazing for a very short story to contain a lot of back story as well as understanding what had happened for Telly to get pregnant by a man she doesn’t even like. Most of the story is told between the characters’ view points and it is handled in a wonderful way. A very good story with a nice twist, and Emily Ryan-Davis works in the element of a pregnant woman beautifully.

The whole book and I don’t want to spoil it as it is short.

A really good and quick read that will leave you wanting to know more but will also make you feel warm and fuzzy during this upcoming cold season.

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