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Article - Vee Michaels - Confessions of a Word Junkie

Confessions of a Word Junkie:
Finding the time to Indulge

Hail to the reader! I thank you.
Hail to the writer who reads! I thank you too.
I am a reader who loves to write and a writer who loves to read. I believe words are magic and I love to see how people use their imaginations and talent to spin tales.
It was Stephen King who said, "If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that."
I am a reader, writer, mother, wife, activist, and employee who advocates reading, reading, and more reading. I run the book fair at my children's school, I volunteer in the classrooms creating stories with students (some have even been published).
My favorite board game: Scrabble, of course. There are local tournaments that I often, guiltily, win. By way of apologetic explanation, I tell people, "I'm a word person."
The biggest barrier to my fondling my drug of choice (words, I'm mean, sorry dear hubby) is finding the time. How does a working mom, wife, volunteer, writer person find the time?
It isn't easy, but a word junkie's got to do what a word junkie's got to do. I have a few tricks. Maybe some of them can gain you a few more hours a week of reading time.

1. Turn your ebooks into audio books and listen while you do household chores. I read a book a week this way. On my website you can find links to free software that will convert text to audio that you can plop onto your iPods.
2.    Read to your kids. Don't have kids? Read to your plants. My young children have heard the first three books of Harry Potter, and countless other stories. We are currently working our way through Lemony Snicket's collection of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Aside from the entertainment value, it creates bonding time with the kidlets.
3. Keep your book or e-reading device by your side. It's amazing where and when you can sneak in a few minutes. I, somewhat notoriously, read every time I step in the bathroom. It may only be a paragraph, but it's better than nothing. I read while I'm waiting for the toaster, and the three minutes I'm sitting in my car waiting for the school bell to ring.
4. Turn off your televisions and computers and pick up your books. (I'll tell you another secret, I don't have a television and haven't for over twenty years.) Imagine how much time you'll gain by giving that device a heave ho. Probably not a whole lot if you're busy, but some. Not only that, no more commercials.
5. Read while you exercise. This is where that audio thing helps. It's amazing how much time can pass when you're engaged in a story. Plus you don't even notice you're working out. Weee!

Good luck finding time to indulge your reading passion and the next time you're ready to laugh and be aroused, hop on over to my latest book from Breathless Press: Sex-O-Matic.
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